Linkedin Updates Its Terms of Service


by Homer Nievera |

I have been an active and happy member of Linkedin for many years.

The site has helped me connect with like-minded professionals and has even “linked” me to would-be employers and/or startup co-founders. Thus, any changes or updates on its site is a welcome thing.

Linkedin has just sent me today a message on their updates on their User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I copied the transcript as there are important links as well.

In essence, Linkedin simply tightens its social connectivity policy to benefit its users. Here’s the full context:

Hi —,

At LinkedIn, we want to help you make the most of your professional life. Part of that is showing the world more about who you are and what you know by sharing ideas, starting conversations, and inspiring others with your work.

So, that raises a question: who owns all of the content you post on LinkedIn? You do, and you always have. We’ve updated our User Agreement (effective October 23, 2014) to reinforce our commitment to respecting what’s yours. Whether it’s an update, photo, comment, post, presentation, portfolio, or anything else, we want to make it clear that you’re in control of your content.

Here are some highlights (you can read more in our blog post):
You’re in the driver’s seat. We’ll always ask your permission before using your content in third-party ads, publications, or websites. We’ve always done this, but now our User Agreement specifically spells it out.
You decide when your content goes. If you delete something from our platform, we won’t use it anymore.
Share wherever or whenever you’d like. We don’t own or have exclusive rights to your content. It’s yours, so feel free to repost it anywhere, however you want.

We also want to give you even more control over your account so we’re introducing some new tools:
Now there’s a single place to see everywhere you’re signed in to LinkedIn and manage those sessions.
You can now export your LinkedIn data, including updates you’ve shared, your activity, where or how you access LinkedIn, and more.
The emails we send when you change your password now include info about the place where the action was taken, so you can rest assured your account is secure.

Lastly, we’ve clarified our Privacy Policy (effective October 23rd, 2014) to provide you with more clarity and reflect recent changes to our business. All of these changes are part of our commitment to put our members first. With these updates, you can feel even more confident about who controls your content and personal data on LinkedIn: you.

Thanks for being a member!
The LinkedIn Team

So there.