Liberty Insurance: Leadership. Integrity. Commitment.


Looking for a trust-worthy company that can provide personalized attention to every household, entrepreneur and contractor? Liberty Insurance Corporation is guided by solid corporate values and good business ethics. They are committed and responsible to look after the welfare of their policyholders by providing due compensation for property losses with efficiency in honouring their claims.

Established in 1953, the company has entrenched an exceptional and distinguishing presence in the non-life insurance. Through sound and conservative underwriting practices Liberty Insurance Corporation were able to carve an enviable position in the domestic niche, placing the company several steps ahead of competitors. With management’s perspective foresight and prudent steering, the company now enjoys long-term stability and steady growth. Such healthy state that allows them to gain nationwide recognition.

As a non-life insurance company, Liberty Insurance Corporation provides its clients with protection against losses to property and personal well-being through specialized service in the following traditional lines of insurance:

Kasambahay Insurance – provide and reward household helpers (Kasambahays) a one (1) year insurance protection package for healthy individuals between the ages of 18 to 65 years old. BUY NOW! CLICK HERE.

Travel Protector Plus – it offers a wide range of benefits under the program adapted to the customer’s destination and the activities which they want to partake in. Program includes list of benefits which is very flexible, and is able to meet the unique needs for every traveller and trip. These benefits are available for travel periods of just a few days up to one (1) year.

Medical Liability Plus – is an insurance package that covers bodily injury, sickness or death of any patient caused by any negligent act, error or omission committed by a covered medical practitioner.

Motorcycle Shield– is a comprehensive insurance protection for Motorcycle and Tricycles.

Today, Liberty Insurance Corporations remains true to its corporate values: professional and ethical service, reliability, leadership, commitment and business with integrity.

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