Let’s Get Digital: The Pinkyshop Story


by Nicole Lantin

Pinkyshop is one of the largest wholesaler and retailer of baby apparels in Manila—from newborn clothes to toddler’s toys. Name it. Unlike any other SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), Pinkyshop started small but digital. Owner Marilyn Avillar first believed in the power of e-commerce before many of us started out selling pre-loved items via our Instagram accounts or through the “hanap-usap-deal” site we have known.marilynm

Pinkyshop did not start with baby items but of chic ladies clothing from Thailand in the social media cum e-commerce site, Multiply.com. Since the niche in 2008 had an already existing numbers of dealers and sellers, competition to sell was very tight. Avillar had to find ways to get out of the congesting galleon.

Then she saw the potential of the baby apparel market. “Kasi ‘di ba ‘pag mommy ka or parent ka, lalo na ‘yung first time, you would buy everything kahit mahal” (because if you’re a mommy or a parent, especially for the first-time, you would buy everything even though it’s costly). Avillar grabbed the opportunity and invested for the success awaiting.


She tried to post few photos of feeding bottles which were her first products to a new market. To her surprise, the items were bought for less than thirty minutes. The idea worked and the online business was a hit! Avillar soon outsourced products because of the increasing customer demands and following or “suki” in Filipino. First suppliers she had also come online, ebay so to mention. From feeding bottles, Pinkyshop soon successfully expanded into the leading baby clothing, cribs, and toys re-seller/wholesaler until now.


When asked how she did work out the twists and turns of her business, 29-year old Marilyn Avillar emphasized of never stop trying. She is hopeful and looking forward for a bigger Pinkyshop PH in the next years if her future better half will support her. No need to wait any longer because days after Negosentro interviewed her, Marilyn’s boyfriend finally asked her to marry him.

Guess the Pinkyshop story would continue happily ever after (did I just hear the bells ringing?)!


Check out Pinkyshop on the following: www.pinkyshop.ph www.lazada.com, www.ebay.ph, and facebook.com/Pinkyshopph

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