Why You Should Learn Hip Hop Dancing?


Gary Fischer, Negosentro | ip hop dancing form brings you the freedom and flexibility to adhere to a dance form which is open for new inclusions, new moves, new styles, and your personal add-ons. It’s a beautiful combination of styles and moves which can constantly be upgraded, modified, and stylized or simplified, without any hard and fast rules and norms. With other conventional and classical dance styles, the rules and moves and way of performing matters, but it’s totally different in hip hop dancing. Here, you just have to be comfortable with your body, and the flexibility of movement, utmost agility to stand, sit, jump, and do anything, and that’s it. When you are agile, and you practice the steps of breaks and flips well, you can really become a good hip hop dancer.

Advantage of Hip Hop Dancing

The first advantage you would notice is that, you would be able to dance with any beat or rhythm. You can simply dance with any nice beat, and implement street mixes, breaks, and many styles within, and make it contemporary and casual for a smart and energetic form of dancing.  Hip hop dancing makes you in tune with catching the beat and moving the body with utter flexibility and any style.

Energy is the next word actually. This dance form is too energetic, and can make you enjoy every step and move you do while the body gains extreme fitness and agility with constant practice of the dancing. You can practically enjoy every dance performance with hip hop, without having to give any thought about the convention or discipline. It’s a free style dance, where you can mix anything you like, and also remove any style you are not comfortable with. Hence the free flowing, stylish, street dancing format is just the perfect one to bring you into the mood for jiving, partying, and enjoying the moment.

Why Try Hip Hop Dancing

You should try Hip Hop dancing when you feel that you are not able to fit into any convention. Hip Hop is not about convention. Hip Hop dance, which came from the Hip Hop culture, is actually about a free flow of energy, to make you happy and feel lighter and feel full of life also. That is why, you must try Hip Hop dancing to liberate that feel and energy within you, and enjoy this flow of life everywhere through the dance moves and light strokes.

Another reason people learn and do Hip Hop is that, this dance form looks too stylish and enjoyable, and immediately catches attention. Hence if you try it at some place, may be on a street, or some platform, then you are bound to get all the eyes on you for the awesome dance moves which shows the body’s agility.  If you love attention, and want to get creative by mixing steps, then Hip Hop is the dance form for you. Hence, Hip Hop dancing is a smart way to make the crowd look at you.

Where to Learn Hip Hop Dance

The best way to learn Hip Hop dance is to go to a dance class. You may have a notion that you can learn it from a friend too, or by picking steps from any street dancer. But then again, this will not help you to get the body trained through complex break dance steps, which make a Hip Hop dancer a true master or expert. For all that and more assistance in learning lucid steps and performing in style, you must get enrolled to a good Hip Hop dance class or school.