Key Reasons Why SEO is Important for your Small Business

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Dennis Terrence, Negosentro | Is there any reason why should you as a small business owner be concerned about SEO?

  1. Because you want to provide Yahoo, Google and Bing critical info so they will place your site on the first page of results.
  2. Because you want to provide visitors to your site with such a great user experience that they will share it with others.

Search engines take the info typed in by the users and locate the sites with the most relevant content using those keywords. By investing in SEO, you are giving your brand name exposure 24/7 and are sure to gain new customers. Let’s take a look at what a great SEO service can do for your small business.


Your small business needs a faster and user-friendly website, and SEO can help you achieve that. Most people think that SEO is only about optimizing for the search engines, but SEO is also about improving user experience. Uncluttered, clean and well-structured websites compels a casual visitor to stay longer, thereby increasing page views and decreasing bounce rate. Similarly, high relevant articles or sales pages keeps you visitors satisfied as they are more likely to find exactly what they are looking for on your site. If done properly, on-page SEO, will not only make your visitors happy, but search engines, as they love to serve high relevant info to their users.


One of the main benefits of getting higher rankings on the SERPs is building brand awareness. If you appear on the first page of major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google, your potential customers are more likely to trust your brand when they search for a particular term rather than other brands on the other pages. So, if you want to build brand awareness you must invest in SEO. Search engines now play a significant role in breaking or making your brand. It’s of a great importance putting in the effort and time on your end to save your potential customers time on theirs.


One of the main reasons your business have a website is to increase your customer base and stand out from your competitors. Businesses that have SEO optimized websites bring in more customers and grow faster than those who don’t have such websites. SEO is one of the most affordable and efficient marketing strategy that will help your website gets more traffic as well as customers that are seeking to find your products and services.


SEO-optimized websites are easy to surf and read, loads faster and will display properly in almost all types of devices, including tablets and mobiles. Websites that are easy to navigate and read are more likely to hold attention from your visitors – i.e. they are more likely to become your returning visitors, subscribers and loyal customers.


The truth is that the better you manage your SEO practices, the more likely you will beat your competition in online searches. Let’s take an example of two companies in the same industry, selling similar products at the same prices. One of them has a well optimized website while the site of the other is non-optimized. Which site will attract more customers from local searches? And which one will likely grow faster? If your competitors are investing in SEO, you should simply ask yourself why you haven’t invested in such a powerful strategy yet.

And if you think that SEO only needs to be done until the best rankings are achieved, you are wrong. When you reaches the top spots, you need to work even harder to maintain and improve those rankings. Your competition is going after those top positions, so you need to either sit back and let them take the majority share of traffic or beat them. Are you going to sit back? Simply ignoring SEO is like giving your potential clients to your competitors.


SEO is considered as one of the most affordable and cost-effective tools that a startup or small company can incorporate to boost the business. If done the right way with consistent action, it can constantly deliver effective results.


The truth is that SEO will never disappear and its concept will never change. It continues to evolve over time and companies are constantly adapting with it. The mass link building spam has been penalized over the past few years and now the focus is all about creating quality content and earning links for relevant websites. SEO will be here as long as the Internet is, so it is of a great importance to get involved and start learning its techniques instead of sitting on the sidelines.


If you use SEO in the right way, you can increase the odds of your potential customers locating your site and engaging with your business. The Internet is very convenient for us. We can search for business, make purchases, review the business, products or services. And all this can be done from the comfort of our home on a laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

You need SEO if you want to be found online. A good SEO is an ideal long term strategy. It can attract endless and consistent organic traffic to your website and provide a tremendous ROI. Sure there are Google updates and algorithm changes to combat the spam, but if you have the needed skills, there’s nothing to worry about.

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