It is Possible to Order Broadband Capabilities without a Landline

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These days, more people are choosing to get rid of their landlines. There was a time when not having a landline was not a good option, since all computers needed to be run and operated with the use of a landline. However, these days that is simply not the case. Having Internet access and broadband capabilities without a landline is simple, and is becoming the norm.

No-landline Broadband Options

There are numerous companies available that offer a variety of broadband services even if you have no landline. These include:

  • Broadband only, which usually includes up to 100Mb of fibre broadband, free parental controls, and the ability to download music, movies, and games instantly
  • Broadband and mobile, which usually includes a smartphone with unlimited texts, up to 100 minutes of talk time each month, and one GB of data
  • Broadband and television, which usually includes up to 55 channels, and free installation and options such as free Vision + for a certain number of months

Regardless of whether you want only broadband capabilities in your home, or you want the addition of TV or mobile capabilities to go along with it, it is possible to do these things without the use of a landline. In fact, ordering broadband without a landline is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland, and there are a number of companies that offer these services.

Broadband services with or without TV or mobile capabilities are usually offered at reasonable prices. In Ireland, they usually start at around €30 per month, which is an excellent deal considering what you’re getting. You can even purchase the service online by simply going to the company’s website. Purchasing services online offers many advantages, including the capability of 24/7 shopping, the ability to take your time while shopping for the right service, taking advantage of exclusive deals only offered online, the ability to pay online in a secure and safe way, and a 14-day cooling off period, which means that if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can cancel your services within the first 14 days.

Where to Find These Companies

Companies that offer broadband services without the use of a landline are usually found online. You can go to their sites anytime and view information on their services, prices, payment methods, any discounts or sales and specials, and information on bundling your services. These sites will also include information on the company itself, including locations that you can visit in person. They often have blogs that have valuable information for customers, and information on their other products, such as services specifically designed for businesses, and accessories such as cordless phones and Wi-Fi modems.

Regardless of your home or business broadband needs, there are a variety of companies that can assist you with all of these needs. Visiting these companies, either online or in person, should be the first step in deciding which one of them to use.