Is Truck Driving a Good Career Choice?

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Negosentro.comYou will agree that we all have dreamt about changing the world by doing something great. 

We spend our childhood thinking about becoming a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer. We believe, by doing so, we will contribute something to society and do something extraordinary. 

When it comes to the career we usually don’t pay heed to other options such as plumbing or driving because we perceive them to be as menial tasks; something that anybody can do. However, it might not be true. Visualize, what would happen if everyone started thinking like that? If you are lost and are looking for career options, you might want to consider truck driving. Here is why: 

1. It is a huge industry

Truck driving is a billion-dollar industry, and hence it is always full of opportunities. Data shows that 70 percent of the freight in America is moved through trucks; Walmart alone employs more than 8600 truckers. In 2017, the trucking industry generated about $700 million in revenue, which was more than the entire GDP of Bangladesh. Moreover, the Bureau of Labour Statistics also reported that out of the 120 million full-time jobs in America, 7.4 million belong to the trucking industry. 

2. There is a deficit 

Given that the industry is so vast, there is always a need for truckers. In fact, data shows that there is going to be a supply deficit shortly. In 2018, the deficit increased from 10,000 to 60,000— a considerable jump. Data also suggests that this figure is going to increase to 160,000 in a decade. To cater to the deficit the industry is trying to improve pay and also recruit more women as they make up only 7 percent of the workforce. 

3. It is far from automation

The influx of artificial intelligence and robots is changing the dynamics of employment, especially when it comes to blue-collar jobs. The Office of National Statistics in UK analyzed 20 million jobs and saw that around 7.4% of the jobs could be easily replaced. Those with high probability include waiters, shelf fillers and Bar stuff among others. 

As far as the trucking industry is concerned, it would be wrong to say that it wouldn’t be affected at all. However, the impact would be realized later than in other industries. 

According to Business Insider, transportation analysts believe that automation is far from disrupting the trucking industry. This is because self-driving technology is not viably available on a large scale. Also, when it is available the displaced drivers would be absorbed by the increased demand of the trucking industry. Moreover, there are a lot of legal issues involved when it comes to driverless trucks. For example, in case of a crash who would be held accountable?  Hence, automation in the trucking industry seems to be a bit farfetched.

4. Money is reasonable

In the end, it all comes to the amount of money that you can make while pursuing a career. When it comes to money in the trucking industry, it is quite reasonable. It will not make you rich, but it will keep your kitchen running. Truck drivers who are starting new in the industry can get about $40,000 to $45,000 per year. To attract more employees, the industry is also increasing the pay rate, and in some cities, you can also make up to $80,000. For example, you might get different amount of money in Bay area trucking than in Texas.

The money also varies according to the number of bonuses that you can get, and hence choosing the right carrier is crucial. Bonuses are usually offered on factors such as the number of miles covered, fuel efficiency or safe driving practices. 

Apart from the number of miles and bonuses, your earning potential also depends upon your experience. Once you are confident enough, it is more facile for you to train upcoming truck drivers and increase your money to $60,000 to $80,000. 

Other than being a truck driver, you can also work as an owner-operator if you want to try operating your own business. An owner-operator can earn a higher rate per mile by cutting down the middlemen and directly dealing with the companies. Eventually, you can also own your fleet of trucks. 

5. Lifestyle

You might be wondering if the industry is so vast and the money is reasonable why there is a deficit. It is probably because that lifestyle is not appealing. Well, there are always two sides to a coin. According to a truck driver, the lifestyle is quite hard because you don’t meet your family a lot. However, some think that it is easy money and hence they would recommend it to their friends. 

Your choice

Whether you choose to opt for truck driving as a career, it is totally up to you. Everything has its own pros and cons. If you think you can handle a rough lifestyle to make a decent amount of money, then you should probably go for it. If you belong to the clan who believe in a healthier lifestyle and perfect work-life balance, then perhaps you should not consider this.