How to Install an Air Conditioning Machine on Your Own

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Floor mats, false ceilings and highly insulated doors and windows help to reduce the inside temperature & humidity of your home, but they cannot able to keep your rooms cook during hottest summer like an air conditioning machine can. So you need to install an air conditioner in your home. There are various types of air conditioners available in the market such as split air conditioner, window air conditioner, central cooling system and ducted cooling system. You need to choose them according to your budget and connivance. But you need to hire a professional air conditioning installation company to install these cooling devices in your home or offices.  

Why Should You Think For The Air Conditioner?

They are preferred for multiple reasons. It reduces the problems of health due to heat; improve the quality of air by filtering, protecting insects from coming inside the room, increasing the working efficiency by reducing mental sluggishness and of course to have a good night’s sleep in a comfortable temperature. So if you want to prevent airborne disease and beat the heat then you need to install an air conditioner in your home. For funther suggestions, you can contact the air conditioning installation companies and they will help you to choose the best air conditioners as per your budget. The air conditioning installation services not only install your cooling devices, but they can also provide you annual maintenance facility at fewer cost.   

How To Install An Air Conditioner On Your Own?

For air conditioning installation you can follow some of the techniques depending on the type of air condition machine you want. It can be a window air conditioner or the split type air conditioner.

  • It can be installed easily if you have a helping hand by your side because these machines are bit heavy.
  • After lifting the lower pane of your window, place the machine on the window sill and release it only after it is solidly placed.
  • Block the empty space of the window during air conditioning installation with the extensions of the machine.
  • Set the machine with a little downward angle towards outside to easily drain out the condensation.
  • After fastening the unit with the brackets or pulling down the window pane, see that the machine is locked preventing any movement.
  • After air conditioning installation it is now time to power on the unit to get a cool atmosphere inside the room. As air conditioners consume a lot of energy, make sure to have a proper circuit without any extra load on it.

Technique For Installing A Split Type Air Conditioner

Air conditioning installation for split type conditioners can be done following few simple steps.

  • Fit the brackets on the wall that holds the indoor unit often called as the blower unit. It should be fitted leaving a gap of at least 3 feet from the ceiling.
  • Drill holes on the wall, so that the tubes that circulate the gas between the indoor and outdoor unit can be passed along with the power chords.
  • Install the compressor unit outside with the help of the brackets.
  • Connect the copper refrigerant fluid lines between the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Connect a vacuum pump using the manifold gauge at the compressor port and unscrew the valve of the low-pressure gauge with an Allen key.
  • Keep the vacuum pump, running for at least 30 minutes to drain out all moistures in the copper lines.
  • Apply pressure after closing the closing the low-pressure gauge and connect the unit to the power source slowly opening the other line valve to full position.

It is really a hectic task and it is suggested to hire a professional air conditioning installation company for this installation.

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