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by Homerun | Real estate income from investment property is touching the highs nowadays, but have you thought how does one go about valuing a rented vacation property?

You might have purchased a vacation house for many years with a plan either of vacationing there, renting it out to others, or selling the property when the market value is high.

For all the lean entrepreneurs, this type of real estate investment is quite suitable having the fact that they have money and time to play. It is also because small business owners always aim to hit a big high in future rather than a per month profit.

If you are looking in a slow real estate market, than vacation properties are the best one to buy having a fact that you can make the most of your investment by getting a good deal on a property in a perfect and popular location and then you can sell it when the market is strong.

The rented vacation property market has now become a competitive environment and is growing more popular every year.

Well, it is all relatedness:

Generally, the amount you invest in marketing of business is directly related to the revenue it will generate.

That is; the more you spend, the more you make. ✔       

The less you Spend, the less you make. ✔  

So, your rented vacation property is no different.

Eventually, if you are not willing to invest in your vacation property it takes, then you need to understand that chances of getting a long term success in this real estate business will be slim to none.

Therefore, the choice is really yours!

However, remember one thing for sure; if you properly follow some of our specific tips to increase the real estate value of your rented vacation property then without further ado…

  • Establish a professional rented vacation, business: One of the greatest changes we are seeing in the rented vacation industry today is increasing demand for professionally managed rentals. Recent statistics have shown that about 31% of travelers prefer to book with professional rental managers.
  • Introduce Cargo lift installation in your  vacation property:

Cargo lifts are great for two-three story elevated vacation homes, perfect to shift your luggage and other stuff to the upper level of your house if you are guests don’t want to use the stairs.

It has 1000 Ib lifting capacity, perfectly optimized for speed and with a powerful horsepower it is indeed an investment for a long time.

  • Building up the value of upgrading the interior design:

If your product is not up to what people actually want to use, then you are going to have a tough time in attracting new clients.

Your rented vacation property is your product. So if your vacation house interiors have become obsolete, then its time to upgrade them to attract new bookings.

  • Work hard on the advertisement:

Every marketing strategy not only needs a solid base, but a perfect marketing plan too, and if it is your rental vacation house business then before investing all your money into its advertising, take a look at our pointers that will give a kick start.

We all know that for the marketing of rental vacation house, the easiest way is to advertise on listings site, only the best ones will get a great amount of traffic and ultimately bookings. So you need to;

  1. Put high-quality images of your rental vacation house
  2. Put a greater number of images (interiors and exteriors)
  3. Optimize your advertisement headlines and description for maximum bookings
  4. The Devil is your house details, so make it eye-catching
  5. Start accepting online bookings
  6. Go  beyond advertisement on just listing sites;
  1. Build a brand and create a professional website
  2. Use SEO and citation marketing
  3. Strengthen your rental vacation house business  with social media
  1. Introduce professional payment integration methods on the website and increase revenue by 30%.

Tip of the day: Make the right decisions, choose the right strategies and people to work with and put your efforts in the right place. You will be surprised to see the increasing real estate value of your rental vacation property.

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