ID Cards – The Cost-Effective Way To Improve Security

Evans Javier, Negosentro |  When it comes to security, any organization could benefit from a variety of methods. In many cases, sophisticated solutions are still no better than the policies and procedures that support them, and are susceptible to human oversight. It is for this reason that a well-designed ID card combined with proper ID card printing policy is one of the most effective – and cost-effective – methods of securing your facility and staff.

How you design your card is entirely up to your organization, but there are many benefits and features that should be considered based on your budget as well as your security needs. While there are price differences between cards of varying feature levels, even the most complicated cards are relatively inexpensive compared to high tech surveillance or other monitoring solutions.

When looking to design a cost-effective card, it’s important to understand what sort of costs are considered fixed and which are considered variable. To get an ID printer for your company you will have to spend a little bit of money upfront, but is a one-and-done purchase, and you will never have to spend any more money on the production of the cards unless you want to update it some years later. 

Some businesses opt to hire card designers, but this is a needless expenditure; ID cards are far more cost-effective if you purchase your own printing hardware. By being able to print cards at a moment’s notice you are able to cut labour and shipping costs tremendously, and an added benefit to this method is that locally printed cards can be kept secure, making this solution very effective against theft. The degree to which this method is effective against theft all depends on your ability to enforce the program, then; sit down with your employees, explain the ID cards to them, and make their use mandatory among all employees.

Additional features, such as holographic designs, often fit between fixed and variable costs. Having a custom holographic design made can be a little more expensive for a single card, but they can be reused over and over for each subsequent card. For a large-scale printing process, this makes your ID much more cost-effective and nearly impossible to counterfeit. This holographic design is often best placed over a photo. What some organizations choose to do is take this photograph in front of a recognizable background or location at the company, making the counterfeiting process all the more difficult.

There are many options to consider, but ultimately they are all relatively inexpensive compared to most any other security product. This is why custom ID cards have become essential in almost any organization of any size. Get an ID card printer that’s right for your business size and needs, follow your purchase up with ample training for employees, and you’re all set. A quality printer will last you a very long time, meaning that the return on investment will be more than met by the overall absence of theft.