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Introduction to iBoysoft Manager

Many times we are in the information business and we see our hard disk drives and memory cards to be full from excessive data. Especially the photos and songs files and videos are catching too much space in your memory leaving less room for the programs and operating systems to run the right way.

You also cannot just connect and disconnect USB drives all the time because it may be frustrating.

The best viable solution is the iBoysoft Drive Manager that is a useful utility made directly for Mac use. You can easily get access to the external and internal network file arrays without any prior knowledge in information systems technology.

There is virtually not support to NTFS for Mac that can be accessible only through the iBoysoft Drive Manager program. The NTFS technology drives are not generally working in Macs. That is why you should always use special compiler programs if you want them accessible from these Apple devices.

The iBoysoft Drive Manager Features


The software offers one of a kind, installation and use of the NTFS file system on your Mac or Windows operated computer. This app is released by the iBoysoft Manager given the right support of your Mac device.

There is also the possibility of the one click mount and unmount of external disk storages just by a simple icon on your desktop. No more unnecessary plugs and unplugs of the USB devices and a lot more stress when you are using external drivers.

The management of external drivers is also getting a lot easier with iBoysoft Drive manager. That means that all the external hard drives or USB sockets can be easily connected and disconnected with no hassle by the user.

Finally, another great app provided by  iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac, which can help you recover lost/deleted files from Mac. After getting installed in your Mac System then you can actually access all the various partitions of the hard disk drive. Then you can perform a quick scan on those and decide which files that you have accidentally deleted you want to be restored and saved in your file manager.

What is needed to write NTFS Drives on MacOS?

The procedure has become pretty clear and simple with the use of the iBoysoft manager. After you open the program from your Program file list then you need to follow the actual steps:

  • Attach your drive to the Mac computer using a connection cable.
  • Open the iBoysoft manager and click on the option “Mount all external drives”.

Then you can open and paste or delete any type of data and files without the need to interfere with the MacOS that poses a barrier from access the NTFS type of files.


The iBoysoft Drive Manager is the best shareware tool that you can find and download to your Mac system. It can give you more benefits in managing external hard drives, mapping network drives, and mounting NTFS drives on your Mac.

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