How Would Using a Cloud Server Benefit Me?


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If there’s one thing that a business can’t afford, it’s a failed or faulty server. From growth and scalability to reliability, these are things that businesses deserve to expect from their server. But is a cloud server the best option for you?

Different Server Options

Businesses have their choice of three server options:

• Virtual Servers: Also known as VPS hosting, a virtual server is shared by multiple owners and yet each owner has administration rights and complete control over it

• Dedicated Servers: As the name suggests, these servers are dedicated to one business. This type of server is great for heightened security or websites with large amounts of traffic, but they are also incredibly expensive compared to the two other options on this list

• Cloud Servers: Cost-effective and easy to scale, cloud servers can allow several employees from anywhere and at any time to access information stored within it

The Benefits of Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are becoming the dominant choice for organisations of all sizes for these compelling reasons:

1. Tailored to Fit Your Budget

Setting up your own private cloud can be costly. But if you choose to enlist in the services provided by a third party cloud hosting party such as CWCS cloud servers, businesses can choose how much they pay. Businesses who use cloud services will only pay for the resources that they use.

2. Maximum Reliability

Virtual servers can suffer lags and dedicated servers can break down. Cloud hosting tends to be the most reliable option because it runs off of multiple servers. This means if one server is down for any reason (such as because of a natural disaster) your information won’t be affected. Business can go on as usual.

3. Scalable and Affordable

Cloud servers trump other server types in scalability and affordability for two reasons:

1. Businesses aren’t forced to spend thousands of dollars upfront purchasing onsite hardware

2. Businesses won’t need to purchase additional hardware to accommodate the growth of the business

Many organisations who start off want the security of a dedicated server, and so they set aside company resources that could otherwise be going to other areas of the business. What they fail to recognise is that maintaining their own server can severely limit their business within a couple short years due to it being unable to handle the increase in traffic and resource demands. Soon before they know it, they’re back to purchasing more expensive hardware, an expense that could have been entirely avoided.

In addition to purchasing the hardware, business owners will need to hire a technician to ensure that the server remains in good working order. It will also be necessary to purchase additional hardware and software along the way to keep the technology up to date.

4. Accessible Worldwide

You may be attending an important business meeting in New York City or lounging poolside in Bali. Business owners and their staff can connect to a cloud server from virtually anywhere and by using any device, including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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