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How Trophies Can Help Motivate People More In Life


Motivations is essential in a person’s life because generally, people’s behavior is established by what motivates them. Talented people that lack motivation may not be able to perform well, while those with mediocre talent, who are highly motivated, can often deliver unexpected results in their respective fields. Talents and skills can easily be trained and taught, but motivation is something that comes from within.

Although companies can also provide motivation in the form of awards, incentives and metrics. One of the best ways to motivate your people is to give them a tangible form of recognition like those in the form of trophies. Here are some ways on how trophies help motivate people:

It Recognizes A Job Well Done

Recognition for doing a job well is essential. It satisfies the human basic need for esteem and creates a constant engagement with you and your people. Here are some benefits of recognition:

  • Recognition gives purpose to people, it confirms and encourages them to do the right thing and keep on doing it.
  • Giving recognition not only makes people feel good, but it also creates a healthy competition around your community.
  • It helps to encourage people to go all out and strive for something.

According to research, 79% of people will work harder when given rewards and recognition. It may be a simple pat on the back or a gold trophy, providing something in return for their efforts is a sure way to keep productivity at the maximum.

Provides Long Lasting Happiness

Admittedly, money is essential to pay the rent and eat at least three times a day. But money has its limits when it’s used as a motivator. Lasting happiness can’t be bought by money, it’s less impactful and less emotional.

Yes, monetary rewards can buy you a lovely meal at an expensive restaurant, but the feeling of success doesn’t last that long. However, trophies can foster pride and creates a symbol of success that lasts for a long time. A trophy is something nostalgic and emotional memorabilia. All the hard work and efforts you’ve given to achieve that reward will all become happy memories. You can think of it as an inexpensive investment for long-lasting happiness.

Boost Self-esteem

Self-esteem is essential for young people and adults alike. It enables them to understand what they’re good at and not so good at. Here are some benefits of boosting people’s self-esteem:

  • Healthy self-esteem enables your people to accept challenges without the fear of disapproval.
  • People with high self-esteem are more resilient and have better coping mechanisms when under pressure.
  • High self-esteem makes people believe in their ability to overcome challenges, they became more determined and committed to putting that extra effort in challenging scenarios.
  • Healthy self-esteem gives the encouragement to explore new ways to be better and makes them feel more secure and worthwhile.

For people that are engaged in competitive activities, receiving a winning trophy is a great way to boost self-esteem. Whether it’s for winning a championship game or breaking an old record, it can motivate anyone to try harder and be better.

Creates Healthy Competition

Feeling competitive is normal, it can be a competition at work, sports, friends, or family members. Encouraging a healthy competition can be beneficial for your people too, as it drives them to be better and be non-complacent.

Competition enables people to deal with failures and setbacks. When people don’t win, they will strive to be better until they reach their goals. Who hasn’t been motivated by those people who overcame obstacles and proved themselves worthy?

People in healthy competitions can be more creative and innovative. They will be more eager to win and learn valuable lessons and skills throughout the challenge. It can also provide them with feedback regarding their weaknesses and strengths.

Closing thoughts

People say that the best motivations are those that don’t come in material equivalents. However, it doesn’t hurt to give your employee a beautiful reminder of his or her top accomplishment. It may not work for everyone but winning awards is a unique and beautiful experience, it symbolizes success, and it develops the motivation to achieve more.