How Training Your Workers Increase Productivity

training your workers
training your workers

by Jamil Santos, Correspondent | |

Many of our industries use distinct processes in production. This requires them often to hire people without prior experience in the fields that they are posted. For those who are lucky enough to have some work experience, there are a few things they need training in to be accomplished operators.

Companies dedicate the first few weeks of an employee for training and observation. This continues until the employee is cleared to be good enough by their supervisor. From then henceforth, the employee can work without much assistance and with time they develop their skill.

What we usually forget, or maybe put less priority is training in the other areas of concern. Just like an employee needs to be trained and supervised in their job, companies need to invest in more worker training programs. Workers need to be equipped with certain skills that develop them to be better workers and better people. Some of the essential training programs are;

Safety training

For the company to reduce and prevent accidents from happening, the company needs to invest in safety training programs. Safety training equips a worker with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to avoid accidents. A good program teaches employees on how to handle corrosive or dangerous substances. How the materials should be stored and how to detect flaws such as leakages.

The program also equips workers with skills on how to use and store tools. Tools are the number one cause of injuries and hence should be handled with care. Workers are also equipped with the knowledge on how to carry themselves in the workplace and the right procedures to follow. Another important thing to master is proper lifting technique, because as simple as it sounds, lower back injuries are still on a high position in the list of common injuries.

First aid training

Injuries are always roaming across our workplaces waiting to strike, in factories and even offices. Good first aid training is key in preventing permanent conditions, contamination, and death. Every firm should train their workforce to be able to administer first aid in case of an emergency. When an accident strikes, the first responders are usually the people around the workers, this person should have the skills to administer first aid before paramedics arrive.

Administering first aid may save the company a skillful worker or a talented leader who could have otherwise be lost or declared unfit to work. If the company fails to train their workers, they may spend a lot of time, money and resources battling in court and settling injuries that could be prevented. The time lost in this processes could be utilized in productivity to the company.

IT training

As companies strive to have less operational costs, they turn to technology for answers and solutions. For a company to remain relevant, the need to keep investing in technology and modern equipment and machinery. Modern machinery incorporates technology and more often are controlled by computers and circuit boards.

To keep the workers relevant, a company need to ensure that their staff are aware of new technology and have skills in operating technology machines. Computer skills are necessary for the operation of certain equipment and machinery. As the company invests and look forward to a better future, they should keep their worker up to date with technology to ensure efficient operations.

Morals and ethics

For the greater benefits of our society, our workers need to have a constant program training on ethics and good morals. A good worker is all round, good ethics and morals will give them a positive view of life. A worker with a positive view has a positive attitude towards work and life and is usually more productive.

Ethics training will ensure a good society and good co-existence with one another. Workers with good morals and values are more productive because they co-exist well with each other and conflict is often avoided.

Always remember that a huge part of a business relies on the workforce, if you invest in a good workforce you are deemed to reap the rewards. A business that neglect to increase the skills of their worker will face a lot of challenges and maybe ultimately fail. Research has shown that over 40% of all employee that fail to receive training in their places of work do not last more than a year in the organization. The key to keeping your employees happy is regularly showing care and increasing their skill. By doing so, the employees feel valued and are motivated not only to work for the company but to be the best they can be.

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