How to Use Multimedia Content to Help Branding

multimedia-content | How to Use Multimedia Content to Help Branding | Regardless of your industry or company, multimedia content can help your brand. First and foremost, not all people learn the same way. Some of your customers might be highly visual learners drawn to a well-crafted infographic or chart that explains complex subjects. Others are auditory learners that prefer webinars and podcasts to listen on their commute. Multimedia content taps into all of these. Interactive infographics are highly visual and engaging while videos provide a visual and auditory message.

Furthermore, highly visual content stays in the long-term memory part of the brain. While text is digested by the short-term memory (and soon forgotten), visuals have the power to reach the long-term memory. This means your marketing message can stay with audiences longer than if you just wrote blog articles and text updates.

Speaking of messages lasting longer, multimedia content tends to have a longer shelf life than other articles and one-sided blog content. Some companies report traffic and leads generating from their multimedia pieces six months after initial creation. If you’re worried that multimedia articles aren’t worth the time and money to create, you could be missing out on leads for half of the year!

For all the benefits of multimedia content, it’s not easy to create. The whole team has to work together to brainstorm concepts that will strike a chord with the audience, design something that’s visually appealing, and promote it in a way that generates leads and ROI. If one piece of the puzzle is missing, then the results could be underwhelming. Check out the infographic below to learn more about multimedia content and how you can utilize it.