How to Start a Car Wash Business in the Philippines


by Amy Williams | A car wash business is one of the small industries that would benefit from the booming automotive market of the Philippines. This kind of car cleaning service is easy to setup and has a constant supply of customers.

We have come up with these easy steps to help you establish your car cleaning empire:

Step 1: Research the Car Wash Industry

The first step to success in any entrepreneurial pursuit is researching the concepts behind its industry. Researching things such as the new technologies used in washing cars, the demographic of your customers, your competition in the area, the average pricing of the service and effective car washing processes can help you further understand the ins and outs of this business. Read more about car reviews at Auto Nerds Review.


Step 2: Create a Concrete Business Plan

After you’ve done the research, it’s now time to draw a roadmap of how you’re going to run your car wash shop. By creating a business plan one can analyze the operation costs, projected return of investment, taxes, fees for licensing and other particulars. A good business plan outlines all the essential things needed to keep your would-be enterprise set-up and running.

Step 3: Gather the Capital

Your business plan will give you an idea on how much you will need to start your car wash business. The next step is to gather that amount. One option if you still lack the capital is to borrow from the bank or to form a partnership or venture with other businessmen who are interested in your startup.


Step 4: Location is the Key

While the location may be affected by the budget stipulated by your capital, it is important to place your business, preferably residential, where there is traffic for both people and cars. It will also help if the area has few competitors and should be large enough to accommodate a great number of cars.

The speed limit in the area should not be higher than 60 kph so that passing motorists still have a chance to make a split second decision when they see your sign.

Step 5: Register Your Business

Register your car wash company.

Next step is to comply with the documents and payments required by your local government and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Obtain your business permit and other government authorization without missing one requirement.

Step 6: Buy Equipment, Hire People


Buying the right equipment and hiring trusted employees is one of the most crucial decisions one will make in this business. In the end it is these two factors that will convince your customers to continually avail of your services.

When hiring your personnel look for someone who is polite, skilled, punctual and has an air of professionalism.

Step 7: Advertise and Start

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The last step is to promote your car wash shop either by word of mouth or through a competitive marketing strategy like putting up streamers, offering discounts and sending out flyers. This step can be done before or after opening your shop to the public.

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