How to Rip DVD Collections to AVI?

    How to Rip DVD Collections to AVI? 2020 - Negosentro

    Negosentro| How to Rip DVD Collections to AVI? |Do you want to convert the original DVD series to AVI and maintain the high-definition quality? Or do you want to make a digital backup of all DVDs in the room and save it as AVI? In this article you will find an easy tutorial to lead you to solve these problems. Why rip DVD? A large number of DVDs stored on bookshelves and in the room will always cause inconvenience to our lives, resulting in less and less space available to us. Even if you don’t mind the crowded room, too many physical DVDs are not easy to store because they are too thin to be broken or scratched. So, it is wise to rip DVD to video format and save as digital file on the device, in this way you can also watch DVD movies, serials, TV shows, etc. without DVD player. How perfect it is!

    Why rip DVD to AVI? AVI is a popular video format commonly used to watch high-definition video on PC. And AVI files can store different types of video and audio streaming data. Besides, thanks to the advanced compression technology, AVI video files can keep a small file size while presenting satisfactory video quality.

    The best program to rip DVD collections to AVI

    The first task before ripping DVD is to choose a professional and stable program, a great software will help you easily rip DVD to AVI and save a lot of time. There will be a variety of results when you search for DVD ripping software on Google, but it is a difficult job to select a program that meets our requirements from these hundreds of results. Fortunately, we have found a comprehensive tool for you to rip DVD and convert video, it is WonderFox DVD Video Converter.

    3 steps to rip DVD collections to AVI

    WonderFox DVD Video Converter is an easy-to-use program, please install it on your computer and follow the steps below to rip your DVD to AVI.

    Step 1: Launch the software and load your DVD.

    Please insert your CD-ROM into your computer and open the software to click the “Load DVD” button at the top of the interface to import your DVD.

    Step 2: Select the output format – AVI.

    Click the “Output Format” button on the right of the interface to enter the format list and select “AVI” as the output format in the “Video” format. If you want to choose other formats, there are more than 300 output formats, such as MKV, VOB, MOV, WMV, MPG, MP4, 3GP, MTS, M2TS, etc.

    Step 3: Choose save folder and start ripping DVD to AVI.

    Select the appropriate folder in the lower left to save the new copy and click the “Run” button to start ripping DVD to AVI.

    More features of WonderFox DVD Video Converter

    • Download popular videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Liveleak, Facebook and other sites.
    • Convert videos to 300+ formats.
    • Transfer DVDs and videos to phones, TVs, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.
    • Convert SD videos to HD videos.
    • Edit DVDs on your PC, clip, cut, crop, add effects, merge, watermark, trim, rotate, etc.
    • Add subtitles to DVDs and videos.
    • Extract music files from DVDs.
    • Quickly rip DVD Disc to DVD Folder and ISO Image.
    • Backup old DVD collections.


    • Comes with multi-language installation package, English, German, Spanish, etc.
    • Easy to use.
    • One tool for many uses.
    • Fast speed and clear output quality.


    • There is no Mac version.

    Final words

    If you are still troubled and do not know how to protect the DVD effectively, I hope this article is useful to you. As you can see, the software mentioned in the article is a safe and versatile ripper and converter. With its help, you can rip DVD and convert video. More importantly, when you load the DVD into WonderFox DVD Video Converter, it will automatically grab the main movie from the 99 titles without missing, which is not available in other software. Finally, we suggest that you rip your DVD under the premise of copyright law, any illegal operation is not supported by us.