How to REALLY Sleep Soundly

sleep-soundly,sleeping-tips, improving-your-sleep, ways-to-sleep-soundly, ways-to-improve-sleep | How to REALLY Sleep Soundly | When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? I bet you were just in a quick vacation that time. Here’s how you can sleep soundly without the help of Mr. Sandman.

1. Wear the best pajamas

Even when you are too tired from work that you get too lazy to change your clothes, it is a must to change your clothes. Wear your most comfortable clothes that you want when sleeping. Even when you know you will wake up just after 5 hours, it is best that you feel snug and comfortable on your deep sleep. Sleep on the best fur blanket to have a deep sleep. So, get a fur throw blanket soon.

2. Use your bed ONLY for sleeping

Clean up your bed, remove the books, handbag you bring to work or your pet that loves your soft bedsheets. Remove anything unnecessary that distracts to sleep soundly. Project that in twenty minutes, everything is set aside to put yourself in condition for resting. This includes putting away your phone away. Studies show, don’t you know excessive usage of mobile phones in dim light will make you blind?

3. Eliminate Light and Sound

This is not only your mobile phone, it can be the streetlights that leaves a bit light through your window, use a curtain that really covers the whole window. Thick ones can also filter noises from outside. Our bodies are attuned to daylight, if you can’t get rid of the lights getting in your room, buy a sleeping mask. Another trick to not really hear anything, wear ear plugs, but don’t rely on it too much. You may never know that your house is on fire and you don’t hear the sirens.

4. Set Night and Morning Routines

Arianna Huffington advised that it’s important to have at least eight hours of sleep every day. To do this, she turns off her iPad, cell phone and other electronic devices at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime. Bookworm? Make sure you stick to the time you want to sleep, exciting events on the book can keep you awake, don’t say “one more chapter please.” When you wake up in the morning, come up with a more relieving wake-me-up-booster. Drink a glass water, do some stretching or take a short walk around the block.

5. Correct Eating Habits

Reserve coffee-drinking during the morning when you just woke up or during siesta or merienda time. Softdrinks or sodas also have caffeine content. Steer away from those during the evening. Shift to herbal tea drinking, it calms your nerves and sets your body to relax, ready for deep sleep. As much as possible, do not eat a heavy meal after 6 pm, it doesn’t only help you sleep soundly but it’s also a trick to get slimmer. Feeling bloated will distract your rest.

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