How to Really “Keep Calm” When Under Pressure

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Mary Rae Floresca |

The rave of “Keep Calm” quotes can be read everywhere. Quotes framed up on the walls, Instagram posts, written on shirts and even on notepads. This popular quote has been a bit of help when you know you’re under pressure. It’s a subtle reminder for us to keep calm. But how can we really “Keep Calm”? Here’s how.

1. Find calmness

How is this possible? In the middle of the frustrating situation, find the littlest way to calm down. For example, you can start with speaking slower than usual, in that way, you try not to panic and start blabbering too many words that can hurt the person you are talking to. Counting one to ten or one to thirty works as well. This will give you a bit more time to gather your thoughts and to think first before saying anything.

2. Stick to your values and principles

How do you want to be described as a person? What kind of personality do you want to be known? Ask yourself if what kind of character do you want to reflect on others based on your actions. Review you values and principles, it can be anything that was taught to you or in anyway that you are comfortable with as long as you will not burst in to anger.

3. Focus on the solution

A best leadership or a team leader focuses on immediate solution to a problem. Not just any solution but a feasible and probable solution to a situation. Worry about the consequences later on but focus on the solution first. You have to keep calm, clear your head so you can think properly. Staying focused on the goal will distract you to start panicking about your problem.

4. Find an outlet

It should be easy to find calmness when under pressure if you know your “outlet.” Blow off some steam by going to the gym or a short run. You can try different sports, better if you have friends with you to try it. Find the most comfortable outlet that works for you to “keep your calm.”

5. Create your “calming” playlist

Thank you to Spotify, there are a lot of playlists readily curated for you to listen to depending on what you feel like listening. Playlists like “Melancholia” or “Mood Booster” are just a few playlist you want to listen to, to feel calm. Music is a very vital instrument to you calm your nerves. Even musicians or songwriters, they find calmness when they create their music or listen to songs. Hate the lyrics? Try piano or instrumental music.

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