How to pick the Right Thong According to Shape and Size?

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Negosentro| How to pick the Right Thong According to Shape and Size? | There are a few well-kept secrets about a thong that every woman should know and we will unravel them right here. 

First, contrary to popular opinion, any woman can wear a thong. Take this from us and we can boldly tell you that there is an appropriate thong for every woman. However, it must be carefully and a few factors must be put into consideration. Quite honestly, a woman requires some basic understanding about her body shape, waistline, and most importantly why she opts for a thong. This notwithstanding, when the right combination of factors come to play, you can expect outstanding results. We’ve put together a few tips to help you pick the right thong according to your size and shape. Let’s get down on it!

Settle on the correct size

There is a common misconception that wearing a thong that is smaller in size will compress the body to the desired shape. On the contrary, though, a small size that doesn’t fit appropriately makes you uncomfortable all day long. It also increases the possibility of the back string digging deep into your skin, making and making a painful prick. You don’t want to cause harm to yourself while trying to look beautiful and shapely.

On the other hand, a larger size may as well leave a lot of fabric hanging and make very unfriendly bumps. To avoid this, just go for the right size. At the very least, you can determine the right size in these two steps even if you want to settle on a plus size G string:

  • Know your Hip Size: The fullest part of your hips should be somewhere below the natural waistline. Depending on your height, it may fall anywhere between 6” to 9”.
  • Get Your Waist MeasurementsYour natural waistline is well defined and it can be determined using hip measurements. Just using a measuring tape around your waist and be sure not to make it too tight. About 5cm below, that’s the point where the waistband of the trousers sits. 

These two measurements should give you a clear indication of the appropriate kind of thong for you.

Know your shape: There’s something for everyone

Body shapes vary greatly and therefore what works for one lady will not necessarily work out for the other. While attempting to understand your body shape, a lot of elements come into sharp focus given that your body shape has to be considered wholesomely. For instance, the size of your bust, the waistline, the width of the hips, and even your height are all elements that contribute to your clothing choices.

Take into consideration that your body shape and size may change following effects such as diet change, exercise, pregnancy, and lifestyle. Naturally, the body will change over time. At 50 years, you won’t look the same as your 30year old self, but you can still look sexy and amazing in a good thong.

The Fabric Matters

Another way to compliment your body size and shape is to choose a good fabric for your thong. When picking out suitable lingerie, bear in mind that this piece of clothing comes in contact with your skin and you want to feel really comfortable in it. At the very least, consider the weather, the occasion, and what you want to achieve with your innerwear. Cotton fabrics work best in hot or/and humid weather. 

Have the Outerwear in Mind

One of the reasons you pick on a thong in the first place is the expectation that it will work well with your outerwear. Whereas a thong can be won with a variety of outerwear, it’s also important to note that it will not auger well with everything. The last thing you want is your innerwear to show though your outer pants. Also, make as much effort to avoid the ugly panty lines pressing your skin. For instance, any flared dress or even a skirt will go along with a thong.

Panty on Purpose 

We all have different reasons for choosing the kind of clothes we do. These are choices we must make every day and sometimes they are hard.

As you debate inside your head as to whether you want to put on a thong or not, put into consideration the occasion at hand. Evaluate your day’s itinerary carefully and be sure that wherever you are, you will be comfortable in your thong. Ultimately, if you want a flirty, sexy look that will catch the attention of the special man, you won’t go wrong in a thong.


The modern woman has embraced radical fashion outfits and she strives to do her best with what she can. Even when she is working with a tight budget, she makes an effort to look outstanding. If a thong is your thing, understanding the factors highlighted herein will go a long way in helping you settle on something great.


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