How to Look Your Best with Bridal Jewelry That Complements Your Face and Skin Tone

bridal-jewelry | How to Look Your Best with Bridal Jewelry That Complements Your Face and Skin Tone | Undoubtedly, all eyes are on the bride on the day of the wedding. Every aspect of her bridal dress and especially her wedding jewelry comes under intense scrutiny. While the wedding dress is no doubt one of the very important components, purchasing bridal jewelry can be infinitesimally more painstaking. Not only do you need to bow to the suggestions of the family elders regarding classical designs but bear in mind that you need to look very trendy too. You also need to choose the pieces in such a way that they not only complement your wedding dress but the shape of your face and skin too so that you look the most resplendent.

Appreciating the Shape of Your Face

As this is one of the most frequently neglected aspects when selecting bridal jewelry, there are many brides who end up looking less than perfect because they had chosen the jewelry without paying much thought to how they would look when wearing it. It is very important to select the pieces in keeping with the shape of your face so that you look great. For example, you can choose a heavy mathapatti if you have a broad forehead but if your forehead is on the smaller side, you would look better with a small tikka, accompanied by a bindi. If you have a face that is round-shaped, then you need to avoid jewelry that is round-shaped too. You should go in for long necklace with chandelier or teardrop earrings that will act to make your face seem longer.

You can exercise a lot of versatility if you have an oval-shaped face as then you can choose necklaces that are short or long and even earrings of various shapes as all of them would look really good on you. However, if you are choosing danglers, then it is best if you choose the angular ones rather than the round ones. Avoid earrings that are extra-long. If your face is rectangular then avoid pieces that are square or rectangular and instead go in for round earrings or even short or button-shaped. Heart-shaped faces look best with chokers and neck pieces that are short and lend your face some roundness. Earrings that dangle and are long are just perfect to make your face a little elongated in a way that looks good. Avoid ear studs and small earrings. A good way of saving time and effort on jewelry shopping is to consider online purchases. Buying a diamond bangle online from a reputed store is well worth it because you can get to see the variety of classical and modern styles without needing to hop all over the town.

Buying Diamond Bangle Online? Use Your Skin Tone to Your Best Advantage

There are many in our country that is obsessed with fair looks and go out of their way to wear special bridal makeup that makes them look dazzlingly fair on the big day. However, you need to select your Moissanite bracelet according to your skin tone as that goes beyond looking fair or dark. To appreciate the significance of skin tone, you need to evaluate whether the tone of your personal appearance is warm or cool. How do you decide your skin tone? If your veins are bluish under skin with a rosy undertone, you are classified as a cool-toned person. However, if your veins have a greenish look and there’s a golden sheen on your skin, then you have a warm tone.

The reason why the skin tone is important is because it affects the sort of jewelry that will look good on you. If you have a cool skin tone you can really look stunning with diamonds and stones that have a whitish appearance. If you are cool-toned you can wear pieces with white pearls, or emeralds, amethysts, rubies or sapphires or stones that are brightly colored. Your best choice also lies in metals that are silvery such as platinum and white gold. If you are blessed with a skin tone that is warm then you can very easily opt for metals that have a warm appearance such as yellow gold, copper or kundan. Stones that have warm colors such as yellow, brown, turquoise, orange, olive, etc. are your best bet. What you really have to ensure is that your entire appearance is color coordinated in order to get the perfect looks on that momentous day.

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