How to Know if Your Pet Needs a Vet

How to Know if Your Pet Needs a Vet | How to Know if Your Pet Needs a Vet | Your pet is basically part of your family, even if they aren’t blood-related!

While there are many ways to communicate with your pet and form a bond, your pet is likely not able to tell you specifically that they feel ill or that they hurt themselves. Instead, it is up to you—the pet owner—to assess your pet’s behavior and body language to determine if your pet needs to visit a vet.

And before we get too far into the signs to look for, know that thanks to technology, there are amazing apps that allow you to search “vet clinic near me” and instantly connect you with available vets that can help both over the phone or in person. So rest assured your pet will get the help they need.

So, to properly assess if your pet needs a vet, here are several signs that you should be looking out for!

  1. Their eating habits have changed

If your pet skips the odd meal every now or then, do not worry too much about it. Sometimes they just aren’t hungry or have snuck in a snack without you knowing. But if your pet is skipping meals frequently, then it is time to take them in to see the vet. Or, if they all of a sudden are searching for food all the time, best go have a check-up with your vet!

  1. They are extra thirsty all the time

Pets get dehydrated just like us. But if your pet is thirsty all the time, it may be a sign that there is something wrong with their kidneys. Another way to tell if something is off is if they are all of a sudden having accidents and peeing all over the place.

  1. Is tired all the time

Sometimes your pet just needs a nap or a day off, and that’s totally fine! But if you notice your pet has become consistently lethargic and doesn’t enjoy doing any activities anymore, then something may be up—like an injured muscle or fever.

  1. Throwing up

Similar to humans, if your pet is throwing up a lot, then it may be time to take them in to see the vet. Sometimes, vomit just happens and that is totally normal. But if it is more than a one-time occurrence, it is better safe than sorry!

  1. Bloodshot eyes

Examining your pet’s eyes is another way to tell if their health is going ok. If you notice that their eyes are bloodshot or fuzzy, you should certainly get your pet in to see the vet as soon as possible to prevent things from going worse, and potentially causing your pet to become blind!

  1. Wimping

If your pet is making weird noises and moaning, it may very well be their way of trying to communicate that they don’t feel well. In this case, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to bringing them into the vet early to get an assessment to see what may be causing such discomfort for your pet.

  1. A serious accident

This one goes without saying, but if your pet gets into an accident—such as gets hit, falls, or gets in a fight with another animal—don’t hesitate in going to a vet. Many vet clinics have emergency rooms, so in these scenarios, you certainly should not wait before going in—no hour is too late in this situation!

There are a range of signs and symptoms for you to assess that can help you determine if your pet needs to go see their vet. A grea

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