How to Keep Your Startup Afloat with Smooth Scaling


by Ivan Serrano |

Going into business for yourself is the ultimate American dream, and being your own boss comes with perks that some of the working populous cannot even fathom. The ability to come and go as you please, work when you want and not when you don’t, not having to put in vacation time requests; these are just a few of the privileges afforded to you by successfully going running your own business. But building from the ground up is not an easy task, and logically many chose to enter a pre-existing position at a company that has already been built around it.

Getting a startup off the ground is a harrowing task that is not for the faint of heart. From the many financial, emotional, and physical challenges to the inherent risk, a startup is truly betting on yourself and any partners you may have. The ability to multitask is also absolutely paramount. As John Rampton states in his recent 14 Ways to Multitask Like a Boss, “there is always another task you could be — and need to be — working on.” No rest for those who aspire to surpass the competition.

If you are considering going the start-up route however take a look at the infographic “Smooth Sailing: How to Keep Your Startup Afloat” for a succinct look at how to keep your startup profitable and some suggestions for how to make it work. You’ll learn where most successful founders come from, and some important milestones on the way to scalability.



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