How to Increase the Range of Services Your Web Design Company Offers


by Kyla Camille | |

In addition to providing the usual website design services, your web design company can provide a wider range of services. This will serve to differentiate your business from the other web design companies out there, and it will also help you make even more money than ever before because you will be able to offer customers more options and more value that they can’t get anywhere else.

Do you want to become a one-stop shop for all things web design related? Then continue reading to learn more about how to increase the range of services that you can offer.

Offer Web Hosting Services

One of the biggest challenges that people face after they have had their websites designed and coded is finding the ideal web hosting provider who will give them the storage space and reliability that they are looking for, and at the right price. Therefore, if you want to expand your own web design business, you can definitely add web hosting to your list of offerings. Check out VPS web hosting, even for your own website, and look into reselling web hosting space so that you can make some extra money surprisingly easily.

Partner Up with Other Businesses

Another option would be to team up with other businesses that are currently offering services that your customers would also be interested in. In this way, you develop a mutually beneficial relationship and you can all earn some extra money with less effort.

First, think about the other companies that your customers would typically need to interact with. Then approach those companies to brainstorm ways that you can all work together to serve all of your customers better. You may think about approaching marketing agencies, graphic design companies, accounting services, and IT solutions providers, as a few examples.

Take Courses Online to Learn How to Offer More Services

If you want to expand your range of expertise, you can learn whatever you need to know online, right from the comfort of your own home and between work hours. Before you know it, you could receive a new certification in a field related to web design and then start offering that service to your customers.

For example, you may want to tackle responsive web design so you can create websites that are optimised for viewing perfectly on all mobile devices. Or you can learn how to add more coding to your design skills so that you can become well versed in web development rather than just in design. You can even take a few graphic design or art classes to improve the way you design your custom websites, and perhaps even to add services like logo and merchandise designs to your list of offerings.

Whether you want to add web hosting, logo and merchandise design, or any other services to your current web design business, there are plenty of areas that you can expand into. Remember that you can learn online and you can partner with fellow small businesses for optimal results.

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