How to Incorporate Video In Marketing Campaigns


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We all know the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Today we can make an extended version of this wisdom, which could say that a video is worth a thousand pictures (making it a million words, as it seems). Indeed, anybody who wants to take their sales to a much higher level and give an additional stir to their business has to include video materials in their advertising policies. It is important for every business out of many (following) reasons.

Amusing videos yield more interest

No matter if people have a social media profile or not, they witness video materials on many other online occasions. Many sites include such materials into their articles and other kinds of online content. Since many of us have got accustomed to a pretty rapid lifestyle, we need instant recommendations and immediate solutions. Videos can tell a multi-layered and enticing story in the matter of seconds and make thousands of people interested in their subject. That is one of their crucial values in the marketing field.

Higher on the search results page

Google and other search engines like when things get spiced up a bit. Therefore, websites with endless strings of a simple text-image-text structure will not get too high on the results page. Video materials, on the other hand, give a website a backwind, mostly because the number of visits is also high thanks to them. Videos always help customers understand the benefits and advantages of certain products in a faster way. Businesses that create witty and sharp videos will always be in front of the less inventive ones in the search results. For instance, Red Bull has always had great videos, which can inspire you for your business.

Shareable at the click

If a visitor of any site has to struggle with sharing and posting materials, they will simply give up. Just think from your own perspective: would you rather share an image or a video? Also try to remember what your friends on social groups share when they want to explain their online audience their attitude on something? Yes, they usually share a music clip or a video of any other kind. The nature of websites and socializing online has motion pictures at its core. When you can easily share something that you like, the urge for sharing becomes a common feeling. The more people share your creative video content, the better the chances are that it is going to become viral, which can both give a better look to your site and enhance the conversion rate.

More productive informers

Many businesses like placing a dominating picture as the background motif of their homepage or other pages, as well. It might be a handy option if the pictures on that particular site are well-optimized; otherwise they just take the precious space on the server. In addition, they can cause a slow load of the site, which will lead to a higher bounce rate. But if you make an original commercial video to tell the world what makes you different from others, you will not waste your space on so-many-times seen image content and you will actually give them something unique; and nothing sells products like unique marketing solutions.

The ones that fail to include videos in their advertising campaigns might also be and stay successful in what they do. The thing is that the whole process of getting to the top is probably going to be much slower. On the other hand, involving such a material to your marketing strategy, it is highly probable that the turnout of online users will be much higher and that your products will be noticed by more people.

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