How to Communicate Change in Company Culture to Your Employees

How-to-communicate-change-in-company-culture-to-your-employees, employees, change, company-culture, corporate
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Research suggests that employees and managers have different views about corporate values and culture. According to the study conducted by Vitalsmarts, employees think their managers want obedience, predictability, competition and deference to authority. Whereas, managers want innovation, initiative and teamwork. The difference in their perception negatively affects workers’ performance, commitment and motivation towards their job.

How-to-communicate-change-in-company-culture-to-your-employees, employees, change, company-culture, corporate
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1. Understand why you want to change your culture

You can’t just change corporate culture. Consider business motivations for bringing cultural change. Trying our different solutions without considering its effects and impact can damage your culture in the long run.

2. Focus on vital behaviors

Behavioural changes bring about change in culture. Focus on two to three core values that will make the most impact and difference in the performance. Revisit current values and decide what needs to remain and what needs a face-lift.

3. Listen to your employees

When deciding or revamping your company’s culture, employees should have the chance to speak so they will feel engaged and empowered. Managers should listen and be open minded on things that must be changed or done. This step is critical in understanding what you can change to improve your company.

4. Take action

After listening to the employee’s concern, be sure to make appropriate changes. Crate a healthy culture by building trust and communication between employees and managers. Create traditions that support your culture. In this way, everyone will be able to exercise and embody the change.

5. Listen by example

Most people could care less on what you say but not on what you do when the chips are down. Treat everyone with honesty and respect. Communicate with employees by talking about goals for the day and what you have learned from yesterday.


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