How To Choose The Right Scrubber For Your Workplace

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Whatever industry you work in, cleanliness should be at the top of the to-do list. But the type of cleaning equipment required will vary from workplace to workplace.

For example, a small boutique jewellery store may well be able maintain their shopfront with a mop and bucket, but an airport terminal, shopping mall or care home will need something more industrial.

Confused? Fear not. Whether you work in construction, warehousing, retail, hospitality or outdoors, we can help you find the right commercial cleaning equipment for your business.

Mining & Construction

If you’re managing a mining or construction site, you are probably looking for a machine to pick up heavy industrial dust and debris. Depending on the size of your site and operation, you may be able to get by with a walk-behind push sweeper but if you’re running a large site, chances are you are most likely going to be needing anything from a large heavy duty rider sweeper to a 7 tonne capacity road sweeper.


Airports generally have two very distinct and extremely different needs when it comes to sweepers. Outside on the runway and in the hangars, cleanliness can be difficult due to hydraulic oil from planes being spread via foot traffic and movement of equipment. Fine airborne dust and grass blowing in through hangar doors can also cause mess and unsafe floor surfaces. To tackle this problem, you need airport sweepers and scrubbers that have the capacity and ability to leave the floor both clean and dry. These types of facilities should use aviation sweepers which are specifically designed to meet these needs. You can also get aviation sweepers that are designed to also be able to tackle runways.

Inside the terminal offers a range of entirely different challenges. The biggest issues are the long opening hours, continual flow of foot traffic and high volume of people bringing dirt and bacteria through airport doors. You therefore need to find cleaning sweepers and scrubbers that can efficiently and effectively clean large carpeted areas, food courts and terminal walkways too. Given the vast amount of space that needs cleaning in an airport terminal, rider scrubbers and sweepers are your best option.


In the warehousing industry, you need something that can pick dust, grime and debris. You need a sweeper that is capable of picking up tyre dust from forklifts and truck traffic, gravel, paper, debris and general airborne dust that blows in from outside. Once the dust has been removed, you also need a scrubber that can wash floors and leave them clean, dry and sanitised.

When looking for a sweeper in the warehousing industry, consider something that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Small walk-behind machines could be used in small to medium sized warehouses, but larger warehouses will probably benefit from larger rider machines.

Food & Beverage

Food & beverage is an extremely broad industry with a variety of needs. From small food courts and food production facilities to loading dock hardstand areas and large factories, there is a wide range of hygiene and cleanliness standards to consider.

Manual cleaning to the extremely high HACCP standards is virtually impossible so industrial and commercial cleaning products are essential in this industry. Again, depending on the size of your space and operation will determine what scrubber you get but they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from small walk behind to larger rider machines that come in petrol, LPG, battery and diesel variants.

Car Parks

Even outdoor spaces need regular cleaning and maintenance. For car park use, you can get dust free sweeper and scrubbers as well as customised open space sweeper and scrubber machines. Generally speaking, due to the size of most outdoor car parks, you are best of getting a rider sweeper for optimal cleaning.


There are a variety of factors that will determine which scrubber and sweeper you should use in your workplace. From industry type and operational needs to the actual space and surface that needs cleaning, there are many things to consider. To ensure you make the best purchase to meet your needs and standards, speak to supplier that specialises in commercial cleaning equipment.

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