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Negosentro| How To Choose A Reliable Moving Company |Finding a reliable moving company can be a truly daunting task regardless of technology nowadays. There is a lot to think about when researching moving companies. Are they insured? What kind of license do they possess? How do you know they are going to show up on time? Keep reading and we will answer all these questions among others.

Research Moving Companies Online

With social media being so accessible these days; it’s unlikely the moving companies you are looking at don’t have a social media presence. You can kill two birds with one stone by looking around on social media. Not only will you get to read plenty of reviews; but you get to actually talk to real customers who have experience with them.

Make Sure To Get An In-home Estimate

Reliable moving companies won’t give you an estimate over the phone. They will want to come to your home and take a look at the actual job. If they don’t offer to come check out your home, suggest it. If they say they can give you an accurate estimate over the phone, you know they aren’t reliable. 

Ask About Any Extra Fees

You may not think about fees that are tacked on during the moving process. Non-reliable companies are betting on this and will tack on strange fees that they aren’t expecting you to inquire about. Always ask up front about any extra fees that may be required during the moving process before signing a contract. A reliable moving company will give you a print out of optional and non-optional fees while explaining any you may have a question about. 

Review Your Moving Paperwork

Moving companies should give you a copy of your rights and responsibilities. If they don’t; ask for them. If they refuse then they are not the right moving company for you. Reliable moving companies are required to carry certain licenses and offer insurance to protect not only themselves but your belongings. You do not want to go with a moving company that cannot prove they hold a license or those without at least the minimum coverage. 

Avoid Moving Companies Who Have Undergone A Name Switch

Moving companies who have had a change in name may have done this in order to avoid assessment with the better business bureau. Sometimes it is an innocent outcome, but it is still worth checking into. If you discover a moving company you are looking at has had a name change, check out reviews of their old name. 

Never Sign A Blank Contract

This may seem like an easy one to avoid, but sometimes moving companies will say and do all the right things just to get your signature. If you receive a contract that doesn’t cover everything above as well as a list of your chosen services, don’t sign. There is nothing that says you have to go with the first moving company that tosses you an offer.

How Do I Find Reliable Moving Companies In My Area?

You can talk to friends and family who may have worked with a company before. They may be able to point you in the right direction with next to no hassle. You can also research moving companies online via Google or even social media. Or if you can Find the best Moving Companies at

By choosing the latter you will be asked to provide a bit of information and they will have local moving companies get in contact with you.

What Information Do I Need To Provide?

  • Move date
  • Move description
  • Address of from and to
  • First and Last name
  • Number for contact

By providing the above information at you will be well on your way to being contacted by reliable movers in your area. Next comes the interviewing process. You should have at least 3 moving companies scheduled to come to your home to see the project. During this time you can ask all the above questions in order to gather the information needed. If any of the avoid any of the questions you know they are not reliable and should look elsewhere. 

The joy of allowing a site like to look for moving companies for you is that you can focus on other things. Like being prepared to ask the hard questions, packing the small things, and getting ready for your home interviews. A reliable moving company means you won’t have to be as concerned about your belongings and other services may be offered to you. 

Having a hassle-free move is as simple as clicking a link. So why not start your adventure today. Start getting matched with moving companies in your area and begin the process for yourself in just a few simple steps and see what they can do for you.

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