How to be a Successful Side-hustler

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Mary Rae Floresca|

If you have a full-time day-job, and you are running other businesses on the side, then you are considered a “side-hustler.” It’s basically like a “freelancer.” But what are the steps or ways to become a successful side-hustler? Here’s how.

1. Own it.

What does that mean? It means being serious to stay committed as a side-hustler.  A second career means you are on call 24/7, this won’t work when your regular day-job takes up all your time. Think carefully and weigh if you can fulfill both positions properly, without sacrificing both. Your lifestyle will change. Are you ready to drop the daily cozy soirees with your girlfriends? Or your nightly Netflix marathon? If not, maybe you should stick with your primary job.

2. Start small but dream big

Of course, nothing happens successfully overnight. The best way to working hard is to start with small ways. Arriane Serafico, a brand and digital strategist, started as a graphic and web designer. Before attacking the big market, she started with her personal circle. “I shyly and reluctantly approached my closest friends, the ones who already knew I was doing graphic design (have seen my work for school projects and such), and told them that I was open to designing logos or websites for companies,” she shared on her blog. Post your works on Facebook so your family, friends and relatives would know, they would be your best supporters.

3. Make sure your side-business is a good one

It doesn’t have to be a perfect one but it should be something that makes people tick. Sure you are good at drawing, but what’s the “in” thing now is digital arts, maybe you should upgrade your knowledge, or stick to what you love but find ways to be able to sell it. When coming up with a business idea, research if you have a good amount of customer base for you to survive. If not, maybe you should expand your business to other locations by being visual online.

4. Don’t overwork

Learn to say no. Yes, you need extra income but it pays more when you get sick. Not only that, you may sacrifice the quality of your regular-day job or your many other side-hustler gigs. Time management comes into the picture, you should be able to strategize on the time you have to spend to each responsibility you have. Juggling more than one job is already stressful so before you accept another workload, think again.

5. Save your money

While being a side-hustler means earning more money, still you get to spend more when needed. You need to printout business cards and flyers, not only that, the raw materials that you need to start your business. As you consider your side job, start a savings account so that you don’t go into debt while trying to make more money. And when you have this notion that you are earning extra money, don’t go spending. Weigh your expenses first before you splurge on the wants.

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