How to be a great driving Instructor

driving instructor

Truly, attaining the qualification to become a driving instructor is the easiest part of the process of becoming a great driving instructor. To become a great driving instructor, there is the need to develop some skills that would help you stand out among other driving instructors who have the same qualifications that you do.

If you want to become a great driving instructor, then continue reading this article to know what is expected of you. You would learn that qualifications alone are not enough to become a great driving instructor.

Before much further ado, let us get into how you can be a great driving instructor;

Make friends with your students but also set limits

Most times, the students that comes to take driving lessons in Dublin are teenagers or young adults, so been able to start a conversation with them is one sure way to set yourself on the way to becoming a great driving instructor. Introduce yourself to your students and keep a genuine and warm smile while helping them get around driving a car.

It would also not be out of place to ask questions that encourage and reassure them but do not go overboard with asking personal questions that would make them feel uncomfortable.

Show your support and use kind words when correcting your students. Remember that people often forget what you say to them but remember how you made them feel.

Don’t waste time

Time is literally money when it comes to the driving lesson because the students are charged per hour. So to be a great driving instructor you need to respect your student’s time and offer them the best value for their money within the time that they are with you.

Get things ready before the students arrive and also have what you intend to teach the student at the back of your mind before each driving lesson starts. Many students notice when driving instructor endeavors to make the best use of time and also when the driving instructor is just wasting their time.

Don’t cut corners

Great driving instructors do not cut corners or plan to make a profit just for the short term. When you cut corners, you harm your reputation and clients would no longer view you as someone who sincerely wants to teach them how to drive.

Clients or students want personalized driving lesson experience, and that is why student A would become upset when you decide to pick up student B while his driving lesson is still ongoing.

To be a great driving instructor you need to focus all your attention and expertise in helping your current student learn how to drive.

Be adaptable

Although you might be the best driving instructor, people would not like for you to become their instructor especially if you are too rigid. You need to be adaptable and look for different ways to make your student get the best out of each lesson.

The way you handle EDT driving lessons in Dublin would be different from the way you handle Automatic Driving lessons in Dublin. Great driving instructors make driving lessons fun and interesting for the student.

Be honest

Don’t ever lie to your students telling them that they would get a certain result after a period of time when in fact you cannot deliver on that promise. These students want to learn how to drive after a particular time and when they realize that you lied to get them to enroll with you; you lose all the trust that they had in you.

This is bad for business. Although it is true that it is important to paint oneself in a positive light, it is not the same as lying. When students come for pretest lessons in Dublin, tell them what to expect when they choose you as their driving instructor so that they don’t have some expectations that are never going to be met.

Be observant

Great driving instructors do not always follow a specific guideline when teaching their students even though they planned to follow this guideline. What they do is observe and look for ways on the spot to help their students learn vital driving lessons.

Being observant also means that you take note of when your students become nervous, when they need help or when they become confused. Students appreciate this very much, and it adds to the whole teaching experience.

Continue learning new skills

There are many new skills that driving instructors can develop that would help them to become better. To become a great driving instructor, you need to make use of these skills even though you might feel that they are not important.

Great driving instructors continue to look for means to become better and get ahead in a sea of qualified driving instructors. Most times it is the extra efforts that they put into becoming better that separates them from the rest.


If you want to become a driving instructor, you need to get an ADI qualification, but if you’re going to become a great driving instructor, then you need to apply all that you have learned from this article.

Remember that before you can become a great driving instructor, you need to be passionate about the work that you do. When you are passionate, you would always look for ways to develop yourself and also improve the driving skills of your students.

When people see that they get value for their money and time when they come to you, they will not hesitate to tell others about you. This would boost your reputation and put you well on your way to becoming a great driving instructor.