How Dress and Appearance Affect Sales

Sales Candidates Dress and Appearance Affect Sales

Sales is one of the most important parts of sales. And if you are a sales professional, whether you are a rep or a manager, you need to improve your ratio at every turn. How you dress will have a big effect on the kinds of numbers you get. That is why it is crucial to dress the part. The last thing you want is to lose a sale because of what you are wearing. Here is why it is so important and how to dress:


No matter what industry you are in, whether your sell bomber seats, shoes, or anything in between, you want to come off as a professional. It is true that in today’s world, it is becoming more informal in the workplace. However, most people are not facing customers.

At the most, they might have to interact with a few other people within the company itself. As a salesperson, you are a walking representation of the company. You want to be professional, because that is who people want to do business with.

Of course, you want to dress appropriately for the part. If your industry does not wear suits and ties, that is okay. But perhaps you can wear slacks or a tucked in shirt. The point is to be as professional as possible while still being authentic to your role in the market.

Experience and Authority

It is ingrained in people to purchase things from those they perceive to be experts. How you convey that you are an authority or expert varies. However, the appearance you have and dress you choose will affect how people perceive you.

If you are selling insurance in a t shirt and sneakers, you probably are not going to come off as an expert as much as someone with slick shoes and a nice pressed shirt. This goes for your beard and hair too. Keep it neat and trimmed. Work is not the place to rebel against society. It will make you look younger and more immature than you are, rather than someone who has experience and longevity in their niche.

Friendly vs. Mean

Your dress should convey that you are friendly. Your job is not to act like you are better than anyone. So avoid wearing clothing that might be distracting or intimidating. Wear inviting clothing apparel.


Colors play a big role in sales as well. Obviously, if you have certain company colors then it makes sense to wear them. However, don’t make the mistake of wearing bright red or pink if you have the option of wearing a more neutral and calming color like green or blue. These are proven to be more calming and put people at ease.

Similarity and Liking

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. While you cannot know exactly what your customers are wearing, you can mimic what they would wear. For instance, if you are selling tractors in the midwest, perhaps a denim shirt and jeans with boots would be a good choice. You might look out of place wearing a pressed suit.

Logo and Brand Representation

If you wear your name tag, logo, and branded material, you show that you are proud of the company. Of course, when you make a great impression, they will also be thinking about your company. So try to wear things that remind people of who your company is all the time.

When it comes to sales, you need to come off in the best way possible. This way you are not making the customer feel bad emotions in any sense. Dressing the wrong way can kill a sale. So don’t let what you are wearing get in the way of you making a monster sale. Use the best practices and tips above to dress like a pro. That way, you can walk into any situation with confidence that you can close the deal.