Hone in on What Makes Your Customers Tick & Talk


Engaging your target customer in a world cluttered with marketing messages is no simple feat, but it can be done! Marketers who take the time to understand their audience truly create content that rises above the noise.

By honing in on what makes your customers tick, you can cut through the noise, attract their attention, and increase reach and sales. Here are four ways to ensure your message reaches your target audience:

Create Buyer Personas

Identify your customers in specific terms. Developing detailed buyer personas is the first step to knowing what content will resonate with your audience.

Go Super Niche

Create niche content for your specific buyer personas. You may not win everyone, but that’s not the point. The point is to engage the people who are actually interested in what you’re offering. Develop segmented content for your niche audiences and you’ll increase your chances of hitting the bull’s-eye.

Invest in Unique Imagery

Compelling visuals that accompany your content are now baseline. Images and graphics are the most shareable content. When 65-85 percent of people identify themselves as “visual learners,” you can’t go wrong with high-quality, meaningful images.

Use Video

Tell your story with video and use testimonials to build trust and credibility. Take the traditional testimonial a step further by letting customers speak for your brand using video. This approach puts a face on your brand and helps you stand out from your competitors.

As with a game of darts, hitting the bull’s-eye takes practice and precision. Keep practicing and track your results, and you’ll develop highly strategic content marketing that resonates with your audience and cuts through the noise.

[via Vocus.com]

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