Hilsoft releases accounting-in-a-snap for SMEs in the Philippines

Hilsoft Snap - Negosentro

By Roxanne Joyce Malabanan | via Negosentro.com |

Are you a start-up entrepreneur who seeks the most efficient way to optimize your business operations? Well, you’re in for the real deal with Hilsoft Snap Accounting System.

See your cash flow, accounts receivable and inventory real-time in just a SNAP. Need not to waste so much money on other expensive Accounting System features you don’t even need. Save up big time by choosing your own package and get it for as low as Php 1000/month.

You can now manage your business like a pro and automate it with these Snappy features:

Invoice Writer – Easy invoice setup and printing. Take advantage of professional looking invoice for your customers.

Price: Php200/month

invoice writer

Check Writer – Prepare your check and check voucher easy with Snap Accounting’s Check Writer Module. This can also be an expense tracker for cash transactions.

Price: Php200/month                              

     check writer

Billing Statement           

            Price: Php200/month

billing statement

Automatic VAT & Withholding Tax Computation – Designed in compliance with Philippine tax policies.

Price: Php200/month


Receipt Printing – Match your receipts to your Invoice and print your Provisionary or Official Receipt

            Price: Php200/month

receipt printing

Purchase Orders Writer – Print your PO from Snap Accounting’s PO Writer

Price: Php200/month
purchase order writer

Journal Vouchers – A General Ledger module to create your account titles, print your JVs and see your Financials real-time.

Price: Php500/month

journal vouchers

Batch Printing

Price: Php200/month

Transaction Registers

            Price: Php200/month

Hilsoft thrives to focus in research and development methodology and utilizing cutting-edge technologies. We inspire to create new things by constantly finding ways to innovate in all aspects of delivering the best software product and service using the most advanced technologies and employing the best software approach. We aim to be known as a brand that endeavors to improve people’s lives through automation and help the programmer community free their inner potentials.

For the past 15 years, Hilsoft has developed the best industry-specific software solutions for business operations with modules such as accounting, point-of-sale, inventory, purchasing, order management, logistics, production, and other front-end business requirements.

Hilsoft understands the challenges of your business; therefore providing you services that is both necessary and efficient for its growth.



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