Heed This Advice before Choosing a Criminal Lawyer

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by Cindy Del Rio, Negosentro.com |

When you stand accused of a crime, you want the best representation possible. Defence lawyers do not, as a rule, concern themselves with questions of guilt or innocence. Their concern is getting the best possible outcome for their clients and ensuring the rights of clients accused of a crime are respected. Any lawyer can promise to fight for you and win, but a good solicitor will take up your case as if their career and reputation depend on it, fighting for you as if you are a member of their family.

Be Realistic About Your Situation

Having said that, you should not assume they will work for free. A good criminal defence lawyer works to earn a reputation of the sort that can earn him or her an income commensurate with their skills and record. As lawyers are more concerned with protecting your rights than your guilt or innocence, you should not be dissuaded by the legal fees you might incur. If you are wrongfully accused, it would do you well to consult with lawyers who might take up your case as a matter of principle rather than one of income.

It should go without saying that the criminal lawyer you choose should also be knowledgeable, but some people need reminding of this fact. Not all crimes of which people stand accused are equal under law, and you should put some effort into hiring the kind of solicitor who will be able to focus their expertise on your particular case. Hiring the wrong sort of criminal lawyer would be doing you and your case an immense disservice, which could have negative effects on your family and future employment prospects.

Don’t Hold Back

Also, you should be honest with your lawyer. It simply would not do for them to be caught unaware by facts you failed to disclose to them. Extenuating circumstances, circumstantial evidence, and many other things can have an impact on the direction your criminal case takes. If there is something which could implicate you in the crime of which you are accused, your lawyer should know about it. Telling him or her is not, by any means, an admission of guilt or profession of innocence. It is simply common sense.

If you stand accused of a crime, and are seeking representation, you could do worse than engage in some fact finding at www.gtstewart.co.uk. No one, of course, wants to be accused of a crime, or see that accusation turn into a criminal case taken to trial. You do have rights that you should be aware of and can exercise in your defence. You can best protect yourself by finding a criminal lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the law pertaining to your situation, and can explain what steps to take going forward.

Real life criminal cases are far messier than television or radio programmes make them out to be. Let reality, and not popular culture, determine your approach to your criminal defence strategy, and you may find your innocence proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

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