How Heartburn And Fish Oil Are Connected With Each Other


Leon Keller, Negosentro | Everybody should use fish oil for better health, including weight management. It reduces the risk of suffering from a plethora of other diseases like cancer, heart ailments and inflammation to name just a few. Contrary to the information that fish oil helps to ease heartburn, the acidic discomfort is actually one of the minor side effects caused by the oil. The discomfort is among the others like nausea, belching, bad breath and loose stool that a person may experience after using fish oil supplements for the first time.

In most cases, the heartburn is experienced when you take fish oil supplements that are provided in capsules. The best way to determine whether your body is rejecting the fish oil itself or the supplements is to eat salmon or real cold-water fish and monitor your body reaction. You might probably not experience the discomfort and that’s for a number of reasons, the main one being that the fish oil in the capsules is highly concentrated.

The reality of life is that you can’t feed on a fish diet every day without feeling saturated and bored. On the other hand, because you still need to provide your body with the all-important Omega 3 fatty acids you opt for the fish oil supplements, which you simply need to swallow and forget about it. They will provide you with constant supply of the fatty acids to your body, and it will simply be through the capsules that you will be taking. You don’t have to worry too much about the side effects related to the supplements because they are manageable.

How To Avoid The Heartburn Problem

Fish oil supplements you buy have directions of use, and that is what you should strictly abide to so that you ensure that you are taking the required amount of fish oil in a day. If the acid reflux still bothers you, you can then try the following steps to get rid of the fish oil side effects and regain the comfort of using Omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Adjust the dose–Research has shown that a reduced dose of the fish oil supplements assists to manage the acid reflux symptoms. The right way to do it is by starting with a small dose that is then increased gradually, and in that way gastrointestinal side effects will be suppressed effectively. In the end, you will be able to take the right dose without experiencing discomforts afterwards.
  • Take The Capsules With Food–You can get Omega 3 supplements in both capsules and liquid form. On an empty stomach, they both have the ability to cause the acid reflux discomfort given that one, the capsule coating dissolves in the small intestines or stomach and can cause the heartburn and two, the liquid form of the oils will remain floating in your stomach, and can easily be pushed back to your esophagus when you belch. The best way to take them is after you have eaten so that they can mix with the food contents in there.

It’s also advisable to get rid of liquids when you are about to take the oils. They will certainly make the oils float and cause regurgitation, which is what you want to avoid and allow the fish oil to be absorbed comfortably.

  • Get Your Doctor’s Advice – A discomfort that persists should be reported to your doctor. In most cases, people start using supplements without consulting their doctors because of the general assumption that the bad effects aren’t real and the oil is just like the usual foods. When you use the supplements and your body reacts negatively, you should always seek your doctor’s advice, and ensure that you explain every reaction and have a sample of the fish oil supplements you are taking when seeking for that advice.
  • Alternative Sources Will Work – Apart from the refined and concentrated fish oils supplements, you can also get the Omega 3 fatty acids from a meal of real fish. Go for herring, albacore tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel and lake trout and you will have a healthy meal that is rich in the EPA and DHA that your body needs.

Like always, take keen when purchasing the fish oil supplements and get the help of a professional if possible. Ensure that you get a supplement that is professionally refined to get rid of heavy metals like mercury as well as other contaminants. You will be able to avoid fish oil side effects and achieve the results you need from these healthy oils.

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