Guide to Public Speaking: Tips on How to Prepare and Deliver a Speech Effectively

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Being a public speaker is quite a task. Everyone can be a speaker, but not everybody can do public speaking. Fortunately, you can learn the basics of giving a speech in front of the crowd. Confidence, determination, and passion are all that you need to succeed.

When it comes to public speaking, it is not just talking about anything you want to say. There are factors you must consider. You will speak in front of the people about the things that might help them and will inspire them to aim for success. To become an effective public speaker, take time to read these tips on how you can prepare and deliver a speech effectively.

Know Your Audience

To deliver a speech effectively, you need to know your audience. Learn something about them so that you can choose the level of information, words, organizational pattern and statements to motivate the crowd.

Before you pick a topic for your message, it is necessary to know the purpose of your speech. It is essential to understand the level of your audience. If you are talking in front of the children, then you should go down to their level. If you are going to give your speech to the students, you should cite their struggles and provide them with a piece of advice as a sort of solution.

Don’t Think About Your Nervousness! Prepare and Practice

When it comes to talking in front of the crowd, having a bit of nervousness is normal. Most of the people especially for the first timers will feel some physiological reactions like trembling hands and pounding hearts. Don’t focus on your uneasiness that will make you think you’re doing a poor performance. Always remember that what you think will reflect your performance. Checking out Moo for some confidence-boosting public speaking tips for entrepreneurs might also help a great deal.

The best and the most effective way to overcome anxiety is to prepare and practice. Take time to prepare for your speech and read your piece over and over again until you become comfortable with it. You can practice delivering your speech in front of the mirror or ask your friends to listen to your message and let them critique your performance.

Make Your Introduction Catchy and Interesting

Once you get on stage and begin your speech, make your introduction as interesting as you can. Open your performance with a bang to captivate the attention of your audience. Once you catch their attention, you can make them listen to your speech until the end.

You should establish a connection with your listeners by providing them reasons why they should listen to your speech. You can start your speech by asking intriguing questions or state surprising statistics or facts related to the theme. You need to build a bridge to your audience by connecting your topic to their needs and interests.

Wear Your Personality and Be Yourself

To deliver an effective and credible speech, you should be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone who’s impressive to gain credits form your audience. You can build better credibility if you speak with your own experience. Share them the things you’ve been through and give them advice on how you make it.


Trust is an essential factor between the audience and the speaker. You should speak with authenticity because if you don’t, your listener won’t take your message and consider your speech fake and senseless.

Use Humor to Grab the Crowd’s Attention

You don’t have to be a comedian to become an effective speaker, but the humor makes a significant difference. Humor works to attract the attention of your listener. Most of the top speaker’s secret is using humor and funny anecdote in their talks to maintain the interest and attention of the crowd.

Maintain an Eye Contact to Your Audience

In delivering your speech, you must look at your audience while you’re speaking. Avoid staring down at a piece of paper reading your script. Focus on them, look at how they react to your speech. Measure their reaction and be flexible. Adjust your message when necessary. When you can engage the crowd visually, you will become more confident and secure.

Only Use Appropriate Gestures

Your gesture affects the whole performance of your speech. To deliver an effective motivational message, use appropriate gestures to punctuate your statements.  When your hands are trembling because of nervousness, try resting your hands against the podium to make you feel more stable.

Close Your Speech With a Dynamic End

When you open your speech with a bang grabbing the attention of your audience, your ending message should be dynamic to become memorable for your listener. Conclude your speech with a summary, inspirational lines and a powerful statement that can mark to the memory of the crowd.


To become an effective and impressive speaker, you should master the basics and try to follow the tips mentioned above. It is not a one day process. It takes time to stand up in front of the crowd delivering a speech effectively and with confidence. You can also attend events and listen to their motivational speaker then try to get some ideas on how they deliver their speech effectively.

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Ivan Palen is a motivational speaker. He is also a freelance writer who loves to write about home improvements and tips related to public speaking. Ivan develops his technique in delivering his speech by listening to other motivational speakers and observing their way of speaking to the public. His dream is to become one of the top speakers around the globe.

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