Guide to Find the Right Electrician for Your Home


Amelie Lawrence, NegosentroDid you suffer a fault in your switchboard? Or do your electric appliances at home need a repair? Having a problem in supporting the power needs of your home? It could be time for an electrician in Melbourne. Regardless of what your issue is you need to hire the right electrician to ensure safe operation. More often than not, there are many so-called “electricians” providing services to the people who have only gained skills by mere observation and practice. This could be dangerous as electrical connections are not just about observation and practice, but it also needs to be understood as a science. The informally skilled electricians bring multiple risks at home if you hire them as they are not certified or trained properly by the trusted authorities.

Here Is a Comprehensive List Containing Tips and Tricks to Find a Right Electrician:

  •    The first and foremost thing to ensure is that your electrician should be licensed, insured, and bonded. This will protect you in case any mishap occurs while the professional is performing the electrical job, and also ensures that you are being served by a trained professional.
  •    Usually, two types of licenses are common among the electricians: Journeyman License and Full Electrician License. A full electrician license is recommended as it is given only to the most skilled and professional electricians.
  •    You must ensure that the company you have approached for the job sends master electricians and not their juniors. This happens when there is a huge demand, and often these companies outsource their work to sub-standard third parties to get the work done quicker which compromises on safety and authenticity.
  •    You must check for the qualification and certification of your electrician. He or she should have at least three years of experience and must offers you a warranty of 12 months on the work. Diamond certification is often associated with the most qualified and skilled electrician.
  •    It is always better to take feedback and reviews from your neighbours, friends, and acquaintances about the electricians they have hired before. This helps you to take a better decision and hire an experienced and qualified electrician.
  •    You should ensure that you get an estimate of the work you want to get done. Visit the company personally, or you can just call and ask your queries. A prompt, polite, and honest response of the company is a good sign.
  •    A good company equips them with proper tools and training for the job and dictates them to be respectful to the customers. A professional electrician also wear shoe covers in the home and lay mats to protect the floor area while working.
  •    Providing warranties and guarantees is a sign of confidence, sound, and quality workmanship. A good electrician will offer you limited warranty and guaranteed satisfaction. He or she will also correct the work free of cost if you are not satisfied with the result.
  •    High-quality contractors also offer 24×7 emergency services and follow the proper timeline for the services they offer. Therefore, it is advisable to inquire about the time frame for the completion of the work.
  •    Apart from all these, you must evaluate the value for money that you are getting. Contact more than one companies rather than contacting just one contractor. Hence, you can evaluate the pricing, duration, and quality of services before reaching a final decision.

Electrical jobs are very critical, and the faults are prone to fire causing disaster in the entire building and sometimes to span entire complex. Therefore, it is essential to take utmost care while hiring an electrician. Essentially, a certified, insured, and a well-trained electrician is what is desirable for meeting your electrical needs.   

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