Great Reasons Why You Should Start Writing a Journal


Instant messaging, instant status post, instant foods, instant diet, instant weight loss, instant whitening, instant shopping,  everything in our modern world happens in a flash.

Simple directions such as: just click that button, just pour hot water, just apply three times a day pre occupies our daily life. It seems that every person is so busy with their lives trying to beat the deadline that their 24 hours a day seems to happen with a blink of an eye.

In this busy world where most of us seemed to have no idea on what happened during our day, it is very challenging to start a journal. Are you hesitant to start? Here are some great reasons to help you push through it:

Personal Reflection

As you try to remember and write on your journal about your whole day activity it will give you something to think about your past actions in certain situations, your past emotions and how you dealt with it, the persons who helped you with your most trying challenge in life. Your sadness, happiness, thrills excitement. It will also help you remember great places you have been to. Also, this will give you an idea on how you spend your whole day and whether your day was well spent.

Planning Ahead

As you are able to reflect on your past, this will give you an idea on planning ahead. Your journal can also be your planner. You can write the things/projects you want to accomplish and also how you plan to accomplish these things. You can also learn from previous mistakes and avoid repeating them. If you are a negative person, your journal can help you be motivated to choose positivity when facing trying times.

Writing a journal can sharpen you writing skills and might help to discover your writing talent too.
Writing a journal can sharpen you writing skills and might help to discover your writing talent too.

Discover the “writer” in you

Writing an article lets you enhance your vocabulary, put in thoughts and ideas; play with words without the fear of criticism because your journal is your own personal property.

Rechanneling “excess” energy

When you are angry, try writing it first before confronting the person. In the journal, you can put your emotions (especially negative ones) to a person or situation without being judged, you can say anything you want without hurting anyone. Then after a while after the adrenaline rush brought about by your anger has subsided, you can try talking to that person without saying hurting words which you may regret in the future.

Having a blueprint for your dreams and aspirations

Your journal is your personal property and you can write even your wildest, craziest dreams even if it seems impossible to happen at the moment. After a few years, you’ll be surprised how much of the dreams you have listed has come true.


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