How to Get Replacement Car Keys without Spending a Ton of Money?

Replacement Car Keys

Cindy Del Rio, Negosentro.comHave you misplaced your car keys? Do not let something as small as car keys ruin your business meeting or your travel plans.

There was a time when losing your car keys meant losing a hefty sum of money too. Thanks to modern tech, you can now get copies with a couple of hours without sweating. The best Chicago car locksmith team will not let the value of your car depreciate for a pair of lost keys.

Here are a few ways in which you can get replacement keys without hurting your wallet.

Get your “key cover” policy

This is a stand-alone policy from companies like Ensure and Keycare. Sometimes, the benefits are better than key replacement. Some of these policies also include emergency remote assistance and car hire. This will rescue you from stranded situations after you misplace your keys.

However, just like insurance, the policies can be a little tricky. Read the small print carefully. Some policies make it clear that there must be a certain period between the claim and the cover.

Claim your insurance

This one is simple. You need to pay the premium from time to time to keep your insurance active. In case you lose your keys, you can claim for the cost of replacement on your car insurance policy.

Some policies offer key covers on their regular car insurance policies. In the case of others, the cover for lost keys and stolen keys come as an add-on or upgrade from the standard policies. Therefore, you need to read the fine print here as well before signing on the dotted line.

Call a breakdown service

Call a breakdown service that works with your insurance company. The rescue team will get you and your car back home or your office, wherever you need to be, without any extra cost.

In case your rescue team fails to open the vehicle, expert locksmith Chicago can help with the relief. This is usually covered by car insurance as well. Some of the premium breakdown services include retrieval of spare keys from home, office or gym.  

Buying a new set of keys

This is the most expensive option of them all. If you order replacement keys from your car dealers, it will take a couple of days and will cost you an easy couple of hundreds.

This is mainly due to the programing and reprogramming they have to go through. A reliable auto locksmith can get you the keys at half the price and reprogram the remote keys for you as well. The locksmith will take care to reprogram the remote keys so it can control your car alarm, locks, and keyless entry.

The cost of making duplicates will depend on the model of your vehicle and how fast you need the job done. You can claim the cost from the insurance after you receive your keys. You need reproducible paperwork for that, and a good locksmith’s office should be able to provide that for you.