Four Ways to Feel Inspired When You Lost Your Motivation


There are days when you feel inspired, energized and enthusiastic about your job, your family, your school or any aspect of your life. But there are also days when you feel down, depressed, and lack the motivation to face the day. Here are some helpful ways to bring back that inner luster that you have:

Stay away from motivation “killers”

These are behaviors that we do that kills our motivation. To name a few, they are envy, impatience, rudeness, and ingratitude.

Have a self-reflection every day

What does motivation really mean to you personally? Is it getting the job done? Is it being praise by the boss? Having a good grade in school? Give your personal definition of motivation. And whenever you feel like you’re not productive or that you lose your self-worth, look at yourself in the mirror. Reflect with your flaws inside and outside yourself. Then list all the things that you have done. Things that you have achieved even the small ones. Then praise yourself. Pat yourself on the shoulder and say “great job.” Do this every day because if you need someone to keep you motivated, it should start within

Have an inspiring environment

Your environment has much to do with your motivation and productivity, even in school or with your job. While it is impossible to choose your environment, you can do something to manipulate it to give you comfort, and inspiration. And there are instances where you can choose the time to work or study when you are more productive. For example, I find that I can study well very early in the morning when there is less noise and that I am more enthusiastic at that part of the day. Or if, at work, you can put a soft music; put a flower vase on your table or a painting on the wall. Experiment with your environment to give you comfort and motivation.

Have an inspiring people around you.

If you feel that you’ve had recently lost your motivation, the first thing to do is reflect on yourself, on your current environment and the people you recently hang out with. What type of people do you choose to be with? Are they pessimistic, always thinking that bad thing will happen? Then it is not healthy for you to be around these types of people. Sure you cannot choose your school mate or work mate but you can choose whether to listen to them or do what they are doing. If you cannot find inspiring people around you, then at least find inspiring words from inspiring people. They may be found on books or the internet. Surround yourself with motivating words from inspiring people and let it guide you every day.

So next time that you cannot find the motivation you’re looking for, start looking within yourself and then with your environment and the people around us. Surround our self with inspiring thoughts, things and persons.

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