Features Checklist You Need for Intranet CMS

Intranet CMS

by Cindy Del Rio, Negosentro |

Interact Intranet Increases Your Employee Productivity and Success

Interact Intranet smoothly brings together a myriad of core features which will allow those managing it to easily provide quality content and necessary resources to their users while still managing to keep everything simple to use and intuitive. Some of these features include Interact CMS and Search, a People Directory, calendars and much more. This article will take a deeper look at this offered functionality in Interact Intranet and determine what requirements need to be met for everything to run as designed.

People Directory

The essence of any intranet lies in the ability for the users to be able to easily communicate and collaborate with each other. For example, an implementation at a technology firm needs to allow employees to be able to search for each other by name, department or other relevant information so that they can communicate about things such as upcoming development, bugs, user support and the like. That is exactly what the people directory portion of Interact Intranet provides. There is a basic and advanced search and the results of any query provide a host of different options for contacting or working with those that are found in the results.

Interact Search

While the ability to find, people is important, it is not always the people that a person needs to be able to look for. The Interact Search is a great feature which include adaptive learning (think artificial intelligence for companies) that allows for the most precise matches of document, webpages and other data sources. There is a ranking mechanism so that others who subsequently need to find similar information will be able to decide quickly on what is likely to be most relevant.

Interact CMS

Once the intranet is setup and access granted to the user base, it is going to be important to be able to easily keep them updated with the latest news and information in a fun and friendly manner. That is where the Interact CMS (content management system) comes into play. Even the most non-technical user will be able to easily understand the intuitive system and develop engaging pages that help everyone involved to keep thinking and moving forward. The ‘WYSIWYG’ editor makes it a simple matter of drag and drop to be able to provide content for other employees and users.

Workflow and Forms

The Workflow and Forms core feature helps to streamline everything by making paper-based forms electronic. Through that assistance, everyone with a need to know will be able to review what stage a form is at, such as if it is still being processed or waiting for something else before the process can move forward. With this straightforward implementation, the status of a document can easily be reviewed and the use of this feature is a practical guarantee towards more accuracy all around.

Intelligent Intranet

The intelligent intranet takes things to a level that is not seen in most other vendor products. This includes a list of user activity showing detailing every action that they have taken recently and giving intelligent suggestions based on that data. Suggest experts are given when there is a question that does not have an answer already, and this will assist collaboration within the firm or organization.

Ultimate Forums

Interact’s forums are an essential aspect of the complete intranet experience. It allows for everyone to easily interact each other through discussions, questions/answers, and other related idea sharing. These interactions are easily reviewed and updates given when there has been recent activity. Idea boards and discussions are some of the additional features which keep everyone on pace to achieving the overall goal and success.

Interact Teams

Teamwork is one of the best paths to greatness, and so it is that Interact Intranet provides all the tools necessary for teams to form and work together. There is the ability to create team homepages and communication venues while also having those team names be listed in a directory so that they can easily be searched and contacted as necessary. There is no longer any reason for someone to be left in the dark.

Interact Homepages

The homepage is the hub of all activity on the intranet. It is the first place that users arrive when they sit down at their desk or otherwise access the intranet, and as such it is important that it is easy to manage and maintain. A dashboard full of features makes it easy for just about anyone in charge to be able to handle this centre of productivity and social collaboration. Several widgets can all be dragged into place and arranged to give a great looking and effective homepage that cannot be beat.

Interact Timeline and Calendar

The Interact Timeline is something like Facebook for the business or organization. It provides a detailed record of all activity with enough links that users can easily access further information regarding a person or activity. There is also a calendar which is effective at displaying all of the relevant information and happenings in a friendly format so that no one has a reason to miss a meeting or otherwise be left out of the collaboration around the office.

Interactive Analytics

The importance of a quality CMS and intranet cannot be denied, and it is also valuable for those in management to be able to review the activity to see things such as how many visits have occurred, what pages are being most frequented, and the countless other metrics which can all give valuable insight into employee activity and behaviour. Armed with such graphs and tools, it is simple to give everyone what they are looking for.


There is so much more as well, and it really shows that Interact has been hard at work developing a product that will stand the test of time. The benefits of intranet have been proven time and time again. The cloud is a key component allowing everyone to work and collaborate even when they are not located in the same building, and there are several cloud-based features which will ease the burden in many other ways as well. Find out more by following this link.