Facebook Ads Updates that can affect your business


There are many benefits of using Facebook to advertise your business including flexibility, and small advertising cost. But due to recent Facebook updates, businesses that depend on Facebook for advertising must prepare and adjust. Here are some Facebook ads updates that can affect your business:

Changes in the Newsfeed.
“As part of an ongoing survey we asked hundreds of thousands of people how they feel about the content in their News Feeds. People told us they wanted to see more stories from friends and Pages they care about, and less promotional content.” This is the recent announcement on Facebook’s official blogs. This means that posts that push people to buy a product or an app enter promotions, and reuse exact same content from ads will decrease in organic distribution. So if you are relying on Facebook ads in marketing your products,  things that you could do to adjust are: know your Facebook audience, post your best content on Facebook, and empower your employees to engage in your Facebook page.

Campaign Structure Changes. Facebook updated this ads campaign structure to help businesses be more easily organized.

  • Campaign- At this level, you choose your advertising objective for every campaign that you create. You can also make other selections related to the objectives such as entering a website address, an event to promote, or a conversion pixel.
  • Ad set- An ad set is made up of one or more ads. At this point, you have to define different budgets and schedules for each ad.  You can also organize bidding, target your ads, and define placement options. You are also allowed to segment your campaign for a variety of target audiences and measure results independently.
  • Ads- At this point of structure, you can define your ads’ content- with choices of copy with a range of images, links and calls to action.

Although the new campaign structure may mean a lot of work, it has benefits such as:

  • You can play and be creative on your Facebook ads
  • You can test different Facebook ads on different audiences.facebook-video-adsFacebook video ads update.
  • News Feed ranking factors- at previous times, ranking actors only includes liking sharing and commenting but now, Facebook also included other factors such as: how long the video was watched, choose to on the sound, and making the video full screen.  This will mean a potential higher organic boost to your video ads.
  • More video Ad metrics- A video tab is being added and has the following features-Views and 30-second views at a Page level, top videos within a certain date range, metrics for videos shared from other Pages. Page owners can now compare and access their videos at aggregate levels.