Exposed Aggregate Concrete: Everything You Need to Know


Jack Louis, Negosentro |  Have you ever heard of the term exposed aggregate concrete? Most people are aware of this term because the modernized designers and driveway constructors are planning to get hands on these types of concrete slabs, for addressing needs and beauty well. Such kinds of exposed based aggregating concrete are mostly compared to the marble or granite piece, which have been transformed after polishing. These are termed as plain surface, which has been stripped off to reveal the beauty of the layer beneath the top one. In terms of concrete, the beauty takes place in the form of the well-known decorative aggregate, which can be either manufactured or natural.

A bit of history:

This current decorative measurement of exposed aggregate has been in use right from the early 1900s. It was into being even before stenciling; pattern stamping, and even decorative overlays were a thing. Just because this trend has been into business for years that does not mean it is about to expire. This current exposed aggregate concrete is here to stay for long and it is even best suited for futuristic homes. Exposed version of aggregate finish happens to offer various advantages and nowadays, so many contractors are finding new and creative ways to take the current exposed aggregate to new level.

The cost to check in:

It is really important to check out more on the costs of the exposed aggregate concrete before you choose anyone of the lot. Exposed version of the aggregate concrete happens to be a common approach, uses for improving the function and appearance of multiple concrete surfaces. Some such examples are parking aprons, driveways and even floors.

  • Now, the cost of such average exposed aggregate will solely depend on multiple factors, which include color and types of stones used in this process, surface area to cover, special preparation methods and even the labor rate.
  • Moreover, the prices are also subject to change depending on the rates of the service provider of your set locality. In some cases, you don’t even have to worry about the permit or tax fees, which are supposedly not included in the said list.
  • The prices of exposed aggregate concrete are subjected to change based on the added services like preparation tasks and site clearing help. It can range right from low to high depending upon the different options chosen. It depends on the size and amount of material and the transport.

Ways to expose the aggregate:

Once you are sure of the importance of exposed aggregate concrete these days, it is time to check out more on the services. What are the ways to be used for exposing the aggregate? Once you are sure of the basic steps, you can try working on it on your own. However, it is often recommended to let he experts handle it for you.

  • Washing and brushing happens to be the oldest and simplest method as it does not require any form of special tools or chemical retarders. You can easily wash the thin surface mortar layer, which is used for covering the aggregate. For that, you just have to water the top and brush the layer away from the aggregated top.
  • You can often try working on the surface retarder, as that will help your big time as well. Some of the contractors these days are spraying chemicals known as surface retarder for getting that exposed aggregate concrete look. It is done after placing and finishing the chemical layers.

Just let the experts handle it for you so you don’t have to worry about the techniques at all. They are ready to serve you big time and offer considerate help in the end.