Enhance Your Appearance with a Brow Lift Specialist in California

Brow Lift Specialist

Enhance Your Appearance with a Brow Lift Specialist in California | Sun exposure, aging, and gravity can significantly affect the brows, making women and men appear grumpy and worn out. If this is you out there confused about what to do, worry no more as your solution is just next door. Dr. Michael Macdonald of the Aesthetic Surgery Center makes patients from San Francisco and the extensive California area appear younger and much more alert with brow-raising procedures that gently elevate and smooth the brow. Schedule a consultation with a San Francisco brow lift specialist today through mobile or book online.

What Is A Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a cosmetic operation that lifts the brows and smooths wrinkles and lines around the eyes and forehead. Sun harm, gravity, skin textural changes, and repetitive facial expressions can all cause the brow region to drift downward as one ages, giving you a grumpy or tired look.

Brow lift surgery aims to raise and realign deep muscle tissue in the forehead and brow region, giving the upper face a more youthful appearance and glow. While brow lift surgery does not directly treat the upper eyelids, the eyes normally appear more alert and rested after the brow areas have been raised.

To rejuvenate the whole face, brow lift surgery is often paired with a neck lift and facelift.

What Is the Procedure for A Brow Lift?

Most brow raise procedures are performed using an endoscopic approach with small incisions concealed under the hairline. Two to four small incisions are made during the operation, and a special device known as an endoscope is used to find the brow muscles with a tiny camera connected to the scope’s end. Larger incisions that may leave noticeable scars are not required with this method.

Following the identification of the muscles, their attachments are removed. After that, the surrounding tissue is repositioned and sutured, and a protective dressing is applied. The procedure takes between one and two hours to complete.

What Will Your Post-Procedure Feel Like?

Endoscopic surgery is usually painless since it uses small incisions. Any mild pain can be relieved by keeping the head elevated. Mild swelling and bruising are normal, and they usually go away in a week or so. Sutures are removed in around a week, and bandages are removed in a few days.

Patients must refrain from strenuous exercise for up to a week following surgery. Most women and men resume work within five to seven days. There might be some slight numbness in the forehead region, but this will go away in a few months.

Testimonials & Reviews

Dr. Michael R. Macdonald values and appreciates reviews from his loyal patients. To date, Aesthetic Surgery Center prides itself on a 4.87 out of 5-star rating based on 23 collected reviews. To see what other people are saying about Dr. Macdonald or the practice, visit the facility’s website.

The cosmetic surgeon at the facility addresses women’s and men’s needs to enhance their appearance. He stresses a one-on-one approach to assessing and treating his patients to achieve the most natural-looking outcomes with the shortest recovery time. Make an appointment with Dr. Macdonald for expert brow lift procedures online or through mobile today.