Empowering Persons with Disabilities


Patricia Aleckzandra | Negosentro

If you can’t stand up, then stand out!

These are the words that motivate one of the most promising NGOs in the Philippine – Tahanang Walang Hagdan (TWH). THW is a non-government organization (NGO) that provides care and rehabilitation to our disabled brothers and sisters. Serving our PWDs for 38 years now, it has 350 beneficiaries and continues to offer services for our disabled citizens. It has become the center for initial training, set up of livelihood workshops and other programs for their development.

In line with their objective to teach our fellow Filipino PWDs the values of self-reliance and productivity, TWH had welcome JCI Manila with open arms. JCI Manila is an organization that provides development opportunities that will empower young people to create positive change in the community. It is where young men join to become better leaders for the society and is dedicated to be the catalyst for positive change within the community.

Together with TWH, Incomtec Philippines Inc., West Contact Services Inc., and One Cainta, as well as TESDA Rizal and Cognizant Technology Solutions, JCI Manila organized a training program that would provide our PWDs opportunity to seek a sustainable livelihood. Not only that, but they also aim to help in boosting the self-confidence of our fellow Filipino who has suffered with their disabilities.

This 13-day seminar entitled “EMPOWER: A Call Center Training for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) & A Mini Job Fair for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) seeks to help PWDs find work with the realm of BPOs, or as call center agents. Through the help of TESDA, JCI Manila reached Incomtec Philippines Inc. which mission is to promote progress through education by empowering and training Filipino for workforce. Incomtech provides training for the youth and those less fortunate to be able to have a decent paying job after training with them.

The training started accepting enrollees from June 13 to 17 at TWH. Last June 20, it formally opened with Mr. Bentley Chang as the master of ceremony. The program started with an opening prayer and national anthem followed by a welcome message by JCI Manila President Mr. Rami Villavicencio. Atty. Danilo Rico II had the privileged to welcome the participants. The project was then discussed by Mr. Dinno Go. Their training started on the 20th of June and will end on July 1. By July 2, a commencement exercise and mini job fair will be held at the TWH Gymnasium. From July 4 to 9, the actual employment for BPO centers will take place.

It is sad indeed that some people see our PWD brothers and sister incapable of doing tasks normal people usually do. What is more saddening is the fact that this view of ours lessens their drive and will to achieve more than what they can do. Thanks to organizations such as JCI Manila and TWH, our disabled brothers and sister are now more confident in facing the challenges their situation has given them. Through our effort and love to support them, let us help them make in every small way we can.

Empowering Persons with Disabilities

Empowering Persons with Disabilities

Empowering Persons with Disabilities

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