Email is Still The King for Digital Marketers


by Charlie McKelvey | via The-GMA |

Despite all the tools available to digital marketers, nearly two-thirds still consider email as the most useful form of digital advertising, with most unconvinced about the ROI credentials of social media activity.

This is one of the key findings of a new study carried out by tag management and data company TagMan, which quizzed 200 UK senior digital marketing girl-on-lappy-300x199and ecommerce professionals across an array of travel, retail, FMCG and financial sectors.

The survey found that 41% of marketers believe reporting accurate ROI of all marketing activity is the biggest challenge currently facing their business. Indeed, 49% of marketers are not sure how they currently reward marketing partners such as technology vendors, email service providers and publishers, across different channels; whilst 55% of respondents still measure the success of display campaigns by click-through rates.

It also found that 35% of marketers find it a huge challenge to understand how different channels are working together, whilst 34% said the operational management of marketing systems is a big issue within their business.
Exploiting big data and social media within campaigns is also a major issue. Some 59% of respondents said they believe big data could have a real impact on business revenue and profits, yet despite this, 36% admitted they still do not understand the phenomenon and 31% cited ‘data overload’ as their biggest business challenge.

When it comes to social media, 43% are not confident that their social media investments are driving ROI, with a further 32% of respondents unsure of the value of social media

TagMan chief executive Jon Baron said: “Being able to understand what ROI your marketing spend is generating should be at the heart of a digital marketer’s focus, giving them the ability to interpret, value and respond to the data available to them. One of the more unexpected results that the survey returned was that digital marketers still considered e-mail as the most useful form of digital advertising.”

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