Eight Habits of Influential People


Do you wonder why a person is influential and others are not? Sure a person may be popular, but being influential is different. Take a look at these habits of influential people and see what we can learn from them:

Habit #1: Keen listener and observer. When having a conversation, take the time to listen to the person you’re talking with. Instead of being busy thinking about your response or reaction, pay attention to what the other person is saying. Be observant of his gestures, and facial expressions, overcome the urge of thinking what we want to say but focus on the person speaking.


Habit#2: Constantly improving interpersonal relations. Influencers have the habit or the ability to memorize person’s names and important details about them. And because influencers are keen listeners, they also develop exceptional interpersonal skills. They can engage in sincere conversation with anyone about anything. And they have unique ability to make the people they’re talking with to feel sincerity.

Habit#3: Constantly build bridges. When an influential person speaks they inspire everyone around them. They are able to connect and build relationships with different kinds of people regardless of economic status, educational attainment, and race. Also the connections that they make last long and gets stronger.

Habit#4: They always look for credible persons to ask for advice. They are always looking for an expert to be their guru for their chosen field, whether it is about relationships, financial management and literacy, business and other fields.

Habit#5: Always facing changes and challenges. They are not contented with the present phenomena. They are always thinking “what if “and “why not”. They always push through the limit and take the step to change for the better. Also, they are always looking for fresh ideas and technologies. They anticipate what’s coming next and spreads the word to other people.

Habit#6: They think before they react. In the face of criticism because of a person’s mistake and even an influential person’s mistake they don’t react out of their emotions because they know that emotions are contagious. Instead they take a deep breath, think, and ask for advice if needed before responding to the situation appropriately. They know that hurtful words out of strong emotions cannot be taken bask.

Habit#7: They always think of their loved ones and other person’s welfare. They strive for success so that they can be a blessing and help their family and other people. They are not focused on themselves but for others as well.

Habit#8: They stay focused on what really matters. And they have also the ability to inspire people to do the same. Despite the stress, the clutter, and the demands of everyday life, they stay focused on what needs to be achieved and done at a specific time.

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