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Sunny Chawla, Negosentro | Do you wish to achieve great heights in your business? I suggest you, not to neglect the power of Books. As every one of us is familiar with Hermione’s concept in Harry Potter that books can save your life, in the same way, books can save your business. Let us consider the modernised version of it, i.e. ebooks.

The important concept that we introduce here is ‘ebook marketing’. It will help you take your business to major success peaks.

Providing free Ebook to your customers via e-mail, website or any other means will make the interested readers explore your products and services more after reading the ebook. Apply all the concepts of idle Content Marketing in it. One can take the help of content marketing or online marketing companies. Free knowledge will attract more users.

Here are eight ways that will help you boost your business with the help of ebooks.

  1. How to market and make it trending

One can use social media to market the ebook. You are advised not to make it a novel, just use limited words with informative content. If it cannot increase your customers, it will increase your followers. One can share the ebooks and invite reviews. This would develop an online conversation about your product and make it in trend.

  1. Establish yourself as an authority.

Write your ebook, why is your product special and different? Write about the unique processes and their benefits, without revealing your product’s secret. Moreover, supply your ebook as a source of knowledge to customers. First, inform, and then market. You make your ebook a source of knowledge. And hence, your company. Your customers will start considering your company as a categorical authority and after that, a company to depend on when it comes to purchasing.

  1. Create an actual value of your ebook.

Offer free ebooks a downloadable giveaway, and in return, one can mention the names and contacts of prospects in acknowledgements, who give it for free. One can use it as a free gift on purchases to do promotion and to increase the sale of a particular product. One can also use them as referrals to the customers who need certain advice before buying the products. It will add to the sense of loyalty that you generate on your customers. Moreover, you can make contacts and engage them in this process.

“ Position your ebook in a way that it builds value and desire for your backend products or services. Seventy-percent of your revenue will come from back-end sales after a customer purchases an ebook from you.”- says Trevor Mauch, an entrepreneur from Automize, LLC.

  1. Use ebooks offline too.

One can use ebooks in seminars or in trade shows, where for promotion or information, you give away something. One can also supply with a video teaser with a link to order the ebook. While launching new products or making new announcements, it’s actually useful.

  1. Market your ebook in a smart way.

Paid marketing of your ebook can help you reach a broader range of customers. Paid Social Media Banners or Pay Per Click ads will help a lot.

  1. Increase Awareness through Bookstores

There are many ways, you can code your ebook in many ebook marketplaces online. With your ebook listed in these marketplaces creates awareness of your product and your presence in the readers. When they search for the information related to your field, your ebook is shown in results.

  1. Generate some revenue.

There are no printing and publishing costs to your book. So, at whatever price you sell them, it would benefit you. One can also sell ebooks at low prices to generate revenue. Low prices would help a wide range of audience to afford your ebook. Moreover, it gives dual benefits. Your economic background strengthens.

  1. Publish in a suitable digital format.

Sharing your ebooks as pdf or word file is a way to provide access to it to almost everyone. Publish it in formats compatible with all devices. Publish it in ePub or Kindle formats too. This way, you will be giving the access to your ebook to a maximum number of people. Hence, attracting more towards you.

So, one can say, by these simple steps, you will be ahead of all, at the same time being the favourite one of the public and customers.

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Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs. Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow through Ipad eBook Publisher. He would love to share thoughts on Game App Development and Digital Marketing etc..  

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