Why E-Commerce Mobile Apps are Trending in Middle Eastern Countries

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Rakesh Jain, Negosentro |  Over the years along with infrastructural, commercial and economic advancements, Middle Eastern countries have shown a revolutionary growth in the digital revenue generation.

Middle Eastern regions contribute a total of 10% app revenue generation globally.

This is the reason why generating higher revenues through digital platform can help increase profit in a business tremendously in MENA regions.

The Rise of E-commerce Market

It might come as surprise, but Middle East E-commerce market is worth $7 billion. Additionally, the market in UAE alone is estimated to cross $2 million in 2018.

The factor driving this exemplary boost in the E-commerce market is not only the enhanced digitization but also the growing demand of variety and quality that drives more customer towards it. Additionally, other personal and economic preferences of customers like customized selection, variety of quality products at different price range, and flexibility of purchase time are satisfied via E-commerce platforms more conveniently. E-commerce platforms provide a range of benefits to the customers like:

Convenience of Ordering from Home

Every individual is on an air tight schedule these days and ordering online seems to be the most convenient option under such circumstances. Ordering from a mobile app serves just the purpose and thus proves to be the perfect solution for shopping. All that we now need to do is grab our phones, go online and shop whatever we need without moving or struggling in crowds during the commute or in the shopping malls.

Best Prices and Comparison Options

The option of online shopping is more in trend because customers believe they get the same quality product at better prices. Even the option for price comparison helps the consumers to select quality product at best prices.

The Abundance of Choices

E-commerce apps facilitate the customers with wide range of verities to select from. Starting from the basic products needs till the luxury products customer can get everything online and that is what like the most.

Cutting down Expenses

As e-commerce mobile apps avail customers to shop from anywhere it helps customers save time, energy, and money spent on physically travelling a store. Moreover, the option of choosing from a variety of standard products at best prices proves that e-commerce is a budget friendly shopping solution for customers. Owing to these factors, Middle Eastern citizens have developed the inevitable affinity towards e-commerce platforms.

44% citizens made an online purchase in last three months, contributing as strong reason why every business should create a digital presence to increase their sales.

The easy availability of internet and the simultaneous digital revolution taking place across Middle Eastern countries has made creating e-commerce platforms and mobile applications for business an easy as well as an essential task. A business can create an e-commerce mobile app easily with the help of custom mobile app builders once they have clear idea about the ongoing trends in the e-commerce market.

E-commerce Mobile Apps Increase Profit

79% of MENA region smart phone owner use smart phones for online shopping.

Hence, creating an online storefront for a business is more of a necessity than a luxury. Creation of a mobile app can be done through e-commerce app builder.  The factors that a business needs to create a successful keep in online storefront are as follows:


While the customers prefer and enjoy online shopping, they are also vigilant in purchasing a product which specifically caters to their requirements.

Out of every 10 individual who shop online 7-8 perform a product research before the purchase.

This is where the business owners have to focus. Building a storefront which appears easily in front of the customer is easy. Making your platform to appear first in the search strings will require implementing SEO. Also the functionalities of an app like load time, ease of navigation and relevant information displayed aesthetically drives the interest of an individual to shop from it.

User Experience

Giving an enjoyable shopping experience to the users is also of utmost importance for the businesses. A customer should be able to find relevant and specific products easily. All the necessary information related to a product, its price and necessary instructions should be easily conveyed.

44% of online shoppers take their purchasing decisions after referring the reviews.

Hence, keeping space for product rating review garners customer satisfaction while adding human touch to online shopping.

Payment Processing

The process of revenue generation through e-commerce platforms initiates when a purchase is done. While many of the customers just visit different apps and perform window shopping, real business happens when they finally purchase a product

4 out of 10 online shoppers search for discount coupons before initiating a purchase.

One of the very famous techniques to encourage customers from your app is to provide discounts through coupons and vouchers.

Comprehensive Product List

The demographics of online shopper in MENA region states that 68% of male and 32% female of age starting from 16 till 35 above.

While there is a huge variety of online shopper in terms of age and gender their preferences also differ. If an online storefront comprises of products suitable for men, women and kid of all age it becomes on stop solution for the shoppers. Having a comprehensive product list helps a business to increase revenue by increasing its customer base.

E-commerce to drive more Sales and Revenue

With the increasing digitalization in every sector, a majority of the businesses have also incorporated digital marketing for their business. Along with excelling in infrastructure and every industrial sector, Middle Eastern countries have shown an exponential growth in e-commerce sector.

Almost 42% of people from Middle East access internet with the intention of online shopping.

Creating a customized mobile app which helps customers easily access and purchase relevant products easily can be conveniently done with the help of e-commerce app builders. As a result, creating an e-commerce mobile app is crucial for current businesses in these regions to increase their revenue.

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