Dyson V8: the best cable-free cleaners 2018

dyson v8

So you are a fan of Dyson v8, and you want to know more about it? Well, Dyson v8 is the best cordless vacuum cleaner that you can buy for now. It has taken every interesting aspect from v6 absolute to provide better performance. Read on and find every information that you have been looking for on Dyson v8.

Dyson v8 design

Dyson v8 is designed in a way you can hold it with your hand; it has a trigger the, a power mode switch, a HEPA filtration mechanism, and a dustbin. You can comfortably handle the vacuum cleaner as you do your cleaning. Furthermore, it has a sizable dustbin which is useful in storing debris. If you prefer stick version it comes is nickel/iron color. Moreover, Dyson v8 offers have a ray of colors which gives it a modern look!

How does Dyson v8 clean?

Dyson v8 offers two unique styles of cleaning:

•  Motorized brush roll cleaning

This method of cleaning works on the principle of agitating and lifting dirt from the carpeted surface. It is more effective on carpeted surfaces, but you can still use it on harder surfaces.

•  Soft roller cleaning

The softer cleaning head as abilities to roll over debris found on a hard floor and sucks them without flinging. The brush has no bristles thus the debris is rolled over and sucked up.

Both these methods are effective and have the same suction power, but the difference comes in when it comes to the agitation process. Other tools can provide a slightly cleaning mechanism.Therefore.Dyson v8 sucks up debris and filters it through the HEPA filtration and the two-tier radial cyclone system. This process helps in filtering and storing dirt effectively.


In this review were are going to look at what can make you consider buying Dyson v8.

•  Battery life

Dyson v8 has been improved, and now it has double battery life. It used to last for 20 minutes, but now it can last up to 40 minutes. Its battery size is 2800 mAh, charging time 4 hrs, the runtime is 7-40 minutes depending on the cleaning mode, and it comes with some replacement cost. Additionally, it has a runtime indicator which gives you a visual indication of the remaining cleaning time.

•  Has powerful max mode

The max mode is activated with a redesigned switch to offer a higher suction for more difficult tasks. Additionally, it provides up to 115 Aw suction, unlike its predecessors who had a suction of 100AW.

•  It has hygienic dirt ejector.

Dyson v8 has an improved dirt cleaning mechanism called hygienic dirt ejector. Therefore, you don’t have to touch them as you load it. Additionally, as you empty it the chemically-etched stainless steel scraps the dirt off and it drives the trapped debris without necessarily touching it. The bin has a large bin capacity to accommodate more debris during the cleaning process.

•  It is light

Battery and motor components are positioned near the hand thus shifting the center of gravity making it light. It weighs approximately 2.6 kg hence it is manageable despite larger bin and the new motor components.

•  It can clean both hard floors and carpets.

The softer head roller cleaner head can remove fine dust and large debris from hard floors. On the other hand, direct drive cleaner head removes pet hair and ground-i-dirt from the carpeted floors, and it is more peaceful than the v6. Alongside the soft roller cleaner head and direct –drive cleaner it has a mini motorized tool, so the crevice and the combination tool.

•  It has a charging station.

Dyson v8 has a charging station, unlike other vacuum cleaners which you have to unravel the charger and plug it for them to be charged.

•  It is quite

It is drastically quieter than v6, making cleaning comfortable and less strenuous. The lower-sound frequency has made vacuuming a silent activity than before since excessive noise output has greatly been reduced.


This mechanism helps in trapping all the allergens thus purifying the air in your house.

•  Ease of use

It has a trigger grip, and its major components are positioned at your hand. It makes maneuverability and cleaning ceilings, and easy task since most of the weight is at your side.

•  Warranty

It comes with a 2-year warranty.


It comes with the following specifications:
•  Cleaner head

Soft roller cleaner head and Direct –drive cleaner head

  •  Filtration
    Has a washable lifetime filter
  •  Weight
    It has 5.75 lbs
  •  Cyclone technology

2 Tier Radial cyclone

  •  Suction power (max mode)
    115 aW
  •  Runtime(powerful mode)
    It can last up to 40 min.
  •  Length
    49 in
  •  Height
  •  Width


•  Direct drive and soft cleaner head.
•  Mini motorized tool
•  Docking station
•  Crevice tool
•  Mini soft dusting brush
•  Combination tool


•  It has improved battery life.
•  It has a ton of attachments.
•  It is light hence it is easy to maneuver.
•  It has good suction power especially when it is at the max mode.
•  It is cordless hence you can take it anywhere in your house.
•  It is a 2 in 1 vacuum.it can be used as a handheld vacuum clear or stick.


•  It has no place to store attachments.
•  It doubles the price of its competitors.
•  Max mode can last under ten minutes,

Should you buy it?

Yes, I strongly recommend that you should buy one for yourself if you have a spacious home and you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that you can control using your hand. All you need to do is to find a place where you will buy a legitimate vacuum cleaner, and you will be ready to scrub off all dirt and debris in your home.


The Dyson v8 is a cordless vacuum cleaner that has a good battery life, multiple power modes, ability to be used as a stick and handheld vacuum and several cleaning tools. It can be the best choice for any user. The only disadvantageous aspect is the price tag. You will have to have a reasonable budget to own one. However, don’t let that stop you from experiencing outstanding performance of Dyson v8!

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